New Bill’s in South Baltimore?

| February 13, 2012 | 1 Comments

Living near the end of Light St., I have kept a close eye on Bill’s Lighthouse Inn and their sale and business transfer has played out like an Orioles 1-run lead with Kevin Gregg coming in to close… it’s not over ’til there are three outs and Orioles Magic is playing.  It appears that Bill’s is set to transfer its liquor license once again. Will this time be more of a guarantee like a Jim Johnson save appearance?  I guess we’ll soon find out.

Bill’s will attempt to transfer the liquor license to 1741 Corp, T/A Slyce the Bar, Dogan Salis, as well as apply for live entertainment and off-premises catering.  I’ve been told this is a group that also owns Cazbar in lower Mt. Vernon, which they describe as an authentic Turkish taverna.  Their website also has some pretty sweet music too!

Not sure what their plans are for the property as of yet, but it has a decent-sized footprint and has a good location with 101 Wells one block away, as well as 193 units at 1901 South Charles getting close to a summer launch.  (For the record, that is not going to be “affordable housing.” The HUD sign caused quite a stir!)

Bill’s has certainly been interesting to watch over the last 2 years or so.  And I must admit, I like Bill’s but it was clear that they were ready to close their doors, so I am ready for a new group with new energy.   In February of last year it was set to be Cafe Velocity, which was rumored to be a mountain biking themed bar.  The sale or liquor transfer clearly fell apart, and after being closed for a period of time, Bill’s reopened.

After that, it seemed like a crapshoot whether Bill’s  would be open or not and luckily I could rubber neck out my door to find out.  Every time it was closed for more than a few days in a row, I got the feeling a sale was coming.  The new group came in less than 2 months ago and continued to run the place as Bill’s, but it has been closed now for a couple of weeks. I’ve seen construction going on inside and now we see the transfer sign on the door, so one can assume they have a pretty big lead in the 9th inning now and with two outs.

I wish the new group the very best in running the bar, especially since it will be a clean :20 walk for me from my house to a bar seat. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.



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  • Aslkell

    New menu very odd… nothing like Bill’s — very sad