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| June 5, 2012 | 6 Comments

Banner Route Begins Circulation

If you have spent any time this week on Key Hwy. or Fort Ave. in Locust Point the last couple of days, you have probably seen the new Banner Route Charm City Circulator buses running. The route goes from Light and Pratt St. downtown to Fort McHenry along Key Hwy., Lawrence St. and Fort Ave., though not through the Federal Hill, South Baltimore or Riverside neighborhoods.  There is currently a full press being applied to bring the Purple Route all the way down to Wells St., which currently goes from Ostend St. to Penn Station and will soon extend to Fort Ave.

While I am excited about the idea of the Purple Route eventually coming to Wells St., I would have rather seen the Banner Route cut through Fort Ave. in the Riverside and South Baltimore neighborhoods.  We can get to all of the Purple Route stops by just walking a couple extra blocks, but there is still no easy way to get to Locust Point via the Circulator.  I would have really loved a quick uphill ride to get to all the great bars, restaurants and businesses in Locust Point.

Fort Avenue Improvements… Sort of  

Thankfully the Fort Ave. Bridge is now functional, but it certainly isn’t a finished product.  It would have been nice to have a fully functional bridge in time for an enormous month for Locust Point and Fort McHenry.  I also believe that Rec and Parks is going for the land speed record for the slowest tennis court and basketball court renovation in U.S. history at Latrobe Park.  The Sailabration starts in eight days and one would think they could finish the project by that time, but one would also think they could have completed the entire project in just a few weeks (it has been more than six months at this point!)  The courts now have new concrete, but no paint, no fence and no nets or hoops yet.  For comparison’s sake, the Federal Hill Park basketball court was renovated in less than a week by Under Armour.

It also appears that murals are being painted on Fort Ave. at several stop lights… yet the pavement needs a lot of work.  Ughh, what an organized bunch!

Here is a list of events for the Sailabration on June 13th-19th

Sly Fox Changes its Name to…

Sly Fox Pub, famous for their Redskins, Capitals and Virginia Tech fan clubs, has changed its name to Wiley Gunter’s.  A renovation has been performed on the building and is now open for business.  I’m awaiting more information about this new place, but it does appear the Sly Fox name is in the past as the Annapolis pub closed and now changes at their Riverside location.

Jim Duquette Donates a Kidney  

In a touching local story, former Orioles executive, current 105.7 The Fan baseball analyst and cousin of Orioles GM Dan Duquette, Jim Duquette has donated a kidney to his daughter Lindsey.  His daughter suffers from FCGS and has received treatments at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital since 2006.

From an Article in the Baltimore Sun:

Duquette said he never thought twice about giving up a kidney for his youngest daughter. Still, he felt knots in his stomach when he got the call that he was a donor match while taking the train to New York where he tapes his radio show.

“We actually had a match and it was me,” he said.

Jim Duquette hopes to be healed enough from the surgery to lead a walk and fundraiser scheduled three weeks later for the NephCure Foundation. He sits on its board and hopes to one day find a cure for the disease to help his daughter and other children.

She can’t wait for sleepovers with friends, which she can’t do because her dialysis takes place overnight. She looks forward to eating some of her favorite foods again, like spaghetti sauce and orange juice, which have high levels of potassium. The kidneys maintain stable potassium levels in most people.

Best of luck to both of them in their recovery!

National Premium is Back 

When walking by someone’s recycling bin – which should have had a lid – I noticed an empty bottle of National Premium.  A famous Baltimore beer up until 1996 has recently been revived from an Easton, Maryland entrepreneur.  You can read more about the beer and its revival here.  Its brother beer, National Bohemian, has surged in popularity in recent years. We’ll see how well Premium does in Charm City, Maryland and beyond.


Spencer Horsman on America’s Got Talent

In case you missed South Balitmore’s Spencer Horsman on America’s Got Talent, here is a YouTube video.




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  • Very unimportant question – does recycling require a lid?  I thought just trash cans did (most don’t follow that rule as they disappear as soon as you buy them)

    • I called 311 one time complaining because my block was trashed on Recycling day every time, and they said to turn in people who don’t use lids, so I believe it is a fineable offense.  

    • LittlePiggy

      I have a neighbor that uses my trash can with an attachable lid, which I am fine with.  Except one time the can had one bag too many and the lid wouldn’t seal, $150 fine in Pigtown.  WTF? 

  • MJH

    Don’t bother with calling 311. I have lived in South Baltimore for 49 years and can tell you that I have never seen it as dirty as it is today. Dog waste everywhere trash blows up the streets because people think that sitting it at the curb and forgetting about it is what right. Recycling is a great idea but if it never makes it to the truck or the recycling center it’s a wasted effort. Twice a month I take a trash bag and a pick-up stick and walk the two blocks in front of my house picking up everything on the sidewalk and gutter. At the end of my walk i fill two 30 gal. trash bags. I can tell you what beer, wine, food, condoms and personal lube that my nieghbors believe makes it to the recycle truck. I’ve seen bank staement, bills, porn mags if their mothers could see them now what would they say. While I welcome every new neighbor I wish most would use some comon sense when dealing with the things they no longer wish to own. Don’t over fill a container or use paper bags as a recycle container because this never works and I pick it up and it goes to the trash pick-up not the recycle. But I’ll have better luck with Powerball then I will with getting those fresh out Mom and Dad’s house to be better neighbors.

    • We are launching an event in the next few days that will hopefully make a big difference on the appearance of the area.  The area has a lot of problems with trash, and I agree the biggest problem is how people put their trash out, and not actual littering, though that still goes on way too much!  

  • Metal in the Microwave

    So, you buy a trash can with a lid and the garbage men leave it off, it blows into the road and gets runover and ruined.  Buy another trash can and next thing you know the lid is gone.  Buy another trash can… are we made of trash can money?  I just put my trash out the night before with no lid and it gets picked up by 6:00 am or so…