South Baltimore Bar Updates

| July 18, 2012 | 6 Comments

Rayzers Finally Sold

As far back as I can remember, Rayzers on Randall St. in South Balitmore near the corner of S. Charles St. has been offered for sale.  The property has been with different realtors and most recently had a for sale by owner sign.  It appears after years of effort, Rayzers will finally be under new ownership.  The bar is a single rowhouse wide and features an apartment above.

Rayzers was one of the very few bars that remained in South Baltimore from more than 10 years ago.  In the past year we’ve seen Leon’s shut down and Bill’s become Home Slyce.  In the past 10 years I’ve seen Cohavey’s become No Idea, The Copa 2000 transition to Royale-Charlottes-The Reserve-Gastropub-Coming Soon, Jerry’s to Don’t Know, Light Street Station to Rowhouse, Fort Charles become Taps then Delia Foley’s, The Vine become Blue Grass, Rub and Hersh’s emerge from a vacant property, and the Chug a Lug become residential rowhomes.

Best of luck to the new owners!

Blue Agave Gets a New Sign

Blue Agave has been under new ownership since the spring and has seen an infusion of changes.  Recently many changes were made to the bar area including extra space for new high top tables.  Some inviting new changes have also been made to the outside including a great looking new sign (seen here on Facebook) as well as big new windows that really open the space up.  There is also nice looking new flower pots.  Great to see such new energy at a bar that has been in Federal Hill for many years!

Carl’s Little House to Become Top Notch Lounge

Pigtown’s Carl’s Little House was sold at Auction in May and appears it will become Top Notch Lounge, Sport Bar and Grille.  Here are my thoughts on the location from an April 30th article:

A bar in a really good location will be available at an AJ Billig Auction on May 10th at 2pm.  Last called Carl’s Little House, a three rowhouse wide bar with a liquor license and package good license will be available to the highest bidder.  The bar is located at 1169-1173 Hamburg St. on the  corner of Ostend St.  The 1100 block of Hamburg St. is one of the nicest blocks in Pigtown and is a very short walk to the Ravens Stadium and the future casino development.

It is also directly across the street from a huge property once eyed for a minor league soccer stadium, but could still be a hot property for development if not eventually used for a soccer stadium.  Many are predicting a big spinoff effect from the casino for the many warehouses surrounding it. If so, this bar could be right in the middle of the action a few years down the road.

Best of luck to Top Notch which hopefully adds a nice new restaurant and bar option for Pigtown residents and visitors.

Big Changes on the 1400 Block of Light St.  

Recently we’ve written about big changes on the 1100 block of Light St. and now the southern half of the 1400 block of Light St. is undergoing major changes.  The three properties on the NW corner of Fort Ave. and Light St. have seen intensive renovation over the last few weeks which will hopefully soon lead to the removal of the ugly plywood storefront wall and eventually the addition of some great new businesses.  Crews have been seen making interior changes to the new restaurant at the old Centro over the last couple of weeks and renovations are underway for the front and outside of Don’t Know Tavern.  The NE corner of Fort Ave. and Light St. also saw a new paint job.  Great to see so many improvements on Light St.!



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  • bmoreguy

    I saw Opes Laundromat closed down and everything is being moved out of there.  It is conveniently located next to the empty 7-Eleven.  Are there plans for each of those spaces or one combined space?

    • They are being offered as combined or individually 

  • SoboBoyo

    You mean the NW corner of Fort and Light having intensive renovation; the SW corner is currently residential after being a hardware store back in the day.

    • Oops, good catch.  I was thinking of the way I look at them.  Changed.  

  • King in the North

    Any word as to what will be replacing Centro?  I was really disappointed I didn’t get to go there one more time, I even had a gift certificate I never got to use.  I read somewhere that it was going to be a farm-to-table type place, which if done right is always welcome.

    • Yes, farm-to-table and their original name on the transfer had a spanish flare… Iberico.  So we’ll see, they are definitely working on it right now, there are new flowers outside and I was told “It’s moving forward.”