Plans Revealed for SoBo’s 2 East Wells Development

| November 16, 2012 | 7 Comments

When it came time to vote on the support of several zoning variances for the new 2 East Wells Development, it was an unanimous show of support by the South Baltimore Neighborhood Association.  2 East Wells is being developed by Chesapeake Realty Partners, also the developers of 1901 South Charles, who has been represented at just about every SBNA meeting over the last nine months by president Jon Mayers.

When developments come to South Baltimore, the top two concerns are: parking and parking.  2 East Wells is proposing something that has long been sought after on the South Peninsula – more parking!  The new development will consist of a 260-car parking garage with approximately 50 spots available for lease to the residents in the area for about $100-$150 per month.

2 East Wells is a mixed use development on East Wells St. across the street from 1901 South Charles.  The project will take place at the current home of a large warehouse  and office building that is adjacent to the 1800 block of Charles St., the 1800 block of Light St., and the unit block of E. Barney.  The building will be razed, the property will be environmentally cleaned and 2 East Wells will begin construction.

2 East Wells is proposing 153 apartments, 6,000 square feet of retail along Wells St., and the 260-car parking garage. The building will be Class-A luxury and will have approximately 120 studio or one bedroom apartments and 33 two bedroom apartments.  The development will feature many decks, a courtyard and a rooftop patio.  There will also be streetscape improvements along the perimeter of the building.

And back to parking…  not only will 2 East Wells be providing parking for their apartments and retail, in addition to spaces for lease, but the development will also make parking much easier for many of the adjacent rowhomes.  The alley behind Charles St. and the development will increase to 18 feet for most of the block; the western section of E. Barney with just a 3-foot alley will now be increased to 16 feet; and ten feet will be added to the eastern side of  E. Barney.  This will add potential parking pads to some homes and make the access for many others much better.  The building will also add parking spots around its perimeter that don’t currently exist.

The first floor retail will feature glass fronts and the building will be made of several different materials to give the look several different buildings. Chesapeake Realty Partners is working with area representatives in hopes of adding stop signs and cross walks to the corners of Wells and Charles and Wells and Light.  They are looking to improve the streetscape of Wells St. as much as possible. During the meeting, Mayers even made a pitch to the room filled with casino, state and city representatives that Wells St. and Hanover would be a great location for Local Impact Funds.

With concerns about the vibrations of the development in relation to the adjacent homes, Mayers offered to pay for any homes in the area to be surveyed for damage before and after the project and promised a much softer impact than was experienced with 1901 South Charles.

After hearing the details of this new development, it was an easy decision to approve the zoning variances desired for 2 East Wells, which were to allow direct access to the retail locations from Wells St., have store signs positioned against the building on Wells St., and increase the density of the project and the perimeter facing Barney.

Update:  They will hold a public hearing given by the Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals on December 11th at 1pm for a permit to demolish the current building and construct 2 East Wells.

Update 6/24:  Demolition has begun at the former warehouse, making way for the new development.

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  • JTN

    Can they expand to bulldoze Heath St and the halfway house on Light??

  • bmoreguy

    I helped my friends move into 1901 South Charles over the weekend. It is an absolutely beautiful building. Good for South Baltimore that more development like that one is coming to our area.

  • LP

    If the 6,000 sq ft of retail would include a coffee shop, bakery, and a cheap gym (e.g. Planet Fitness, LA Fitness), it would make a positive (lucrative) impact on the neighborhood.

    • those are all ideas I’ve heard thrown around for several new projects in the immediate area. I think we’ll get some well needed resources for sure in the next couple of years.


    Over developing the area into oblivion. More traffic, less parking, increased housing stocks in a fragile economy. A time bomb waiting to explode. STOP THE DEVELOPERS BEFORE ITS TO LATE

  • native of sobo

    For someone who has grown up on Barney St. in the block this is happening I can tell you I am not happy witb the changes. Not one bit. 53 years old and I feel like these interlopers are chasing me away. Oh those and the drug dealers.

  • Britni

    What’s the timeline like on this project?