1201 South Charles Street Plans Revealed

| December 14, 2012 | 12 Comments

Originally Posted on December 14, 2012:  

At Tuesday’s South Baltimore Neighborhood Association, Mike Burton of Urban Design Group, joined by developer Mike Abrams, introduced 1201 South Charles Street, a new development in SBNA and the Federal Hill Business District adjacent to Ropewalk Tavern.  The site was previously eyed for an eight-story boutique hotel, but this project was described by Burton as “much more realistic.”

1201 South Charles Street will be a complete tear down of the existing buildings with a new five-story brick and masonry building constructed on the lot and parking lot behind.  The building will consist of 16 market rate two-bedroom apartments, first floor retail and an underground 16-car parking garage.

When asked about the parking demands for a project with 32 bedrooms and only 16 parking spots, Burton replied that, “potential tenants will be told ahead of time that there is only one spot available per apartment and they will be unable to attain Area 30 parking passes because it is a new multi-family dwelling.  Some tenants will either have to live without a car or hope to rent a spot from the Wells Street or Wall Street garage.”

Since it was the first SBNA has seen of the project, they decided to hold their decision of support for zoning variances until the January meeting. The sought variances are for the lot size and perimeter of the development. Abrams and Burton are hoping to submit the design for approval to the Baltimore Zoning Board in January.

Update 8/5:  The project has been approved by zoning and demolition is scheduled to begin on 8/19.


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  • fg

    Really??!?!?! More apartment complexes??!?! This town is starting to suck.

    • fg

      people move to this city because of the uniqueness of each row home and the charm of the city, not for a cookie cutter apartment building. Clearly I am not impressed…

    • carla contini

      I have a rental house in the area – a lot of us do – and I am starting to worry that all these cracker-box apartment buildings are going to floodd the market with unnecessary units and undermine the rental rates for everyone. News flash for developers: ever been to Miami?

  • bmoreguy

    32 bedrooms and 16 spots at market rate rent? I hope the SBNA is smart enough not to support this. We don’t have the public transportation infrastructure in place to realistically think people will move here without cars. Also, I’m not convinced we need more apartments until the current proposed complexes are proven to be successful.

  • Resident

    someone needs to control SBNA, since they have no idea what they are doing! How do you approve a project with no sufficient parking? These apartments will more then likely be shared, which means more then one car. Hamburg St parking garage would work, however it is often full, and many will not want to pay to park. So they will end up in Area 30 displacing resident parking. Yes, they may get ticketed, that is if parking authority is working is working, and not parked at Southside eating. If they were going to do underground parking, they should have made it for 32 cars (two for each apartment) at least. But that is common sense, and SBNA doesn’t have any.

    • Dre on Light

      I think you’re right, but I’m more inclined to think that new renters and their guests will start parking down on Light and around Riverside because you don’t need a permit. It isn’t fair to the current residents, especially since they are in the process of constructing another large apartment complex on Wells without additional parking. I am already shackled to my parking spot after hours, and I only see it getting worse. Luckily, I take the bus to work and don’t need my car often but running errands at night or after a certain time on the weekend is practically impossible unless I want to search for a half hour to find a spot when I get home. Will definitely be attending SBNA meetings in the future for advocate for intelligent parking proposals.

    • Kevin Lynch

      Unfortunately the SBNA cannot change the zoning codes unless an area master plan is created. A rezoning of this property was approved many years ago so the developers only needed very minor variances for approval from the city zoning board. I was not there when that was discussed or rezoned and am not sure who was in charge of those decisions at that time.

      I think everyone agrees that the area needs to be increasingly tougher about parking, and with the residents of this project unable to get area 30 parking passes at least the tenants will know ahead of time that it will either be no second car, using a parking garage, or a daily and nightly headache.

  • sobomeme

    the old Lutheran Mission Society headquarters….smh…they should make six 3 bedroom family dewellings. No non family member roommates allowed. And Market price certainly is not affordable.

  • Resident

    I was fortunate to have a parking pad that I could reluctantly turn into a parking pad, so I didn’t have to continue to spend over an hour(at times) looking for a space. Unfortunately, many residents don’t have the option. Amazing these clueless SBNA board members are allowed to decide the fate of SOBO residents. I guess it’s who you know or who u……

    • resident

      meant to say a backyard that I turned into a parking pad


    Can’t those buildings be rehabed? Must South Baltimore tear down every building for the sake of more and more and more? SBNA needs a reality check. like all other projects this benefits no one but the developers. Stop the insanity start building a stable community not condos and more unaffordable apartments. smh

  • JZ

    Parking is also a little more difficult when people who live in Fed Hill fight angled parking and the city doesn’t convert big lots, 1830 Westphal Street, into parking spots. Fed Hill isn’t proactive at all and RPP has made it worse than ever.