Feature Video: Horseshoe Breaks Ground In South Baltimore

| May 30, 2013 | 6 Comments

brittany.03 FFMany politicians and members of CBAC and Caesars Entertainment’s new Horseshoe Baltimore gathered for the official groundbreaking of the South Baltimore casino.   As construction begins on the $400 million project, a vibrant Russell Street with many spinoff developments is eyed for the future.








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  • bmoreguy

    This isn’t going to be a plug and play casino. The location is horrible and will be a disruption to commuters trying to get in and out of the neighborhood. Improvements will have to be made to Russell Street to make it pedestrian friendly which it currently isn’t. The casino also wants to bridge itself to our neighborhood. What impact will that have on our local businesses? The only thing Barnhill has going for him right now is the proximity to our neighborhood – but we all have jobs. Whatever business he is able to siphon off from the neighborhood will likely only occur on weekends. Due to the fact that it’s not near anything downtown that people on a daily basis visit it’ll be very interesting to see how they pull this off and make it a better and easier to get to destination than Arundel Mills for the average gambler. No doubt a handful of Ravens fans will hang out there before a game though.

    • Hit me

      Can’t wait for it. Jobs will be plentiful, restaurants, bars, casino employees, etc.! The cars will be spread out over 24 hours a day. Local businesses will have an opportunity to open up near the casino. Washington Village will prosper more than it is now. So forth an so on!!!

      • bmoreguy

        Russell Street is a commuter route. Its how we get in and out of the city. It’s basically 83 with a few gas stations and public storage facilities thrown in the mix. Rawlings-Blake spoke of a new Russell Street when the casino is built but doesn’t explain what that would consist of. It’s all pie in the sky wishful thinking at this point. Horseshoe has a much tougher battle to fight than any other casino in the state. Considering that Maryland Live is already up and running 10 miles away and is the states top casino, Barnhill and company will have to take that awful location and really work hard to make it a place people want to visit twice. Russell Street will have to become pedestrian friendly if this casino is going to rain the gumdrops that everybody seems to think it will.

      • bmoreguy

        That it is not being built in the city owned Hilton attached to the convention center is mistake number one. The nightmare of games at the stadium and trying to get to the casino is mistake number 2. Walking out of a Casino with a pocket full of winnings and making it safely home from Downtown Bmore could be the next survivor series. With tighter gun control on the law abiding citizens and no death penalty on the books your entering Hogans Alley just going there with money. Your a target. A statistic waiting to happen.

        This came from a comment on The Baltimore Sun’s facebook page.

        • bmoreguy

          Mistake # 1 is huge. How can anybody in their right mind defend this?

  • Politico

    Was old man Reisinger or Billy Cole there?