Great Plates of Late Around South Baltimore

| August 20, 2013 | 2 Comments

Let’s take a look at some of the dishes I’ve had recently in South Baltimore that really stood out. And, please don’t hesitate to share some of your favorites!

Barracudas: Seared Tuna Salad

Barracudas is one of my favorite places in the area. The toughest part going there is deciding if I want to go the appetizer, sandwich or entree route or if I just want to ask someone to split as many things as possible.  In my last trip I got the Seared Tuna Salad and it was terrific.  The seared sushi-grade tuna melted in your mouth and the salad was a refreshing mix of arugula, feta, red onions, artichokes, capers and a tasty lemon vinaigrette. I definitely recommend it!

Hersh’s: Grilled Artichokes

Hersh’s has received many accolades for their Neapolitan style pizza, but they really excel in all aspects of their menu.  On a recent trip I ordered their Grilled Artichokes small plate and boy it was good. When they were first delivered to the table, I thought they mixed up our order and brought us pork chops – they were that big!  They were well-seasoned and delicious. I also ordered their consistently-recommended Kale and Pistachio pizza and it didn’t disappoint.

Zella’s: Pizza Prosciutto

Zella’s in Hollins Market is back in business and under the original ownership that won them ‘Best Pizza’ from the City Paper in 2007.  On a recent trip I got the Pizza Prosciutto 10″ gourmet pizza and it was worthy of the accolades. The pizza was topped with herb olive oil, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, caramelized onion and mixed greens. The greens were farmers market fresh, the cheese and crust melted in your mouth, and overall it was the perfect mix of filling and refreshing. I look forward to more explorations of their menu!

562676_265946953496899_195059759_nMaGerks: Chicken Cheesesteak

MaGerks has great cheesesteaks. In related news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

It’s well known how good MaGerks cheesesteaks are but it’s worth mentioning again.  On a recent trip to MaGerks I had limited time to grab a meal before hitting the stadium. The place was packed but the kitchen, as always, was on the mark. The Chicken Cheesesteak and Onion Rings came out in less than 15 minutes.  It all was delicious and would make the City of Brotherly Love very proud.

Rowhouse Grille: Lobster Mac-N-Cheese

Sometimes you just can’t beat having some mac-n-cheese.  Rowhouse Grille has a great take on this classic American dish with the Lobster Mac-N-Cheese featuring four cheeses, flavorful lobster, shrimp stock and fresh tarragon.  It’s filling and tasty and goes great with their many offerings of Heavy Seas beers.


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  • King in the North

    I dig these articles, I’ll add my own recent favorites as well:

    I highly recommend trying the Grapefruit Guacamole at Don’t Know Tavern… Served with tortilla chips and homemade Old Bay chips… wow. Was not expecting that to be so good. Go during happy hour and get it half off.

    Also, the brunch at Rowhouse is pretty amazing. Half the menu is southern style, the other half is southwestern. I got the Juevos Rancheros and they were ridiculously good. Had a few superb Bloody Mary’s with a heavy dose of horse radish as well.

    Finally, I enjoyed the chicken/lamb shwarma combo that I got from Petra Cafe (formerly Beach Bums). The shwarma was about as close to anything I had at one of your typical shwarma joints in Europe. It was a boatload of food for a reasonable price.

  • Jeff

    I have to give a shout out to a recent brunch item I had at captain larry’s – 601 E. Fort Ave. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was essentially eggs and goodnes on top of a bed of tater tots. It was ridiculously good and only $9.