South Baltimore’s Victory House Condemned and Listed for Auction

| May 27, 2016 | 4 Comments

The Victory House – a 7,074 sq. ft., 39-bedroom, two-bathroom residence at 1702-1708 Light St. – has been condemned and shut down by Housing and Community Development (HCD) due to structural issues, according Councilman Eric Costello. This action was a result of a coordinated inspection on Wednesday by the Office of Emergency Management, Health Department, Fire Department, HCD, and Baltimore Police Department (BPD), all of which are continuing an ongoing investigation. Individuals living at the property were relocated by the City into temporary housing.

This follows a BPD Search and Seizure warrant with assistance from the Health Department that was conducted on May 18th resulting in “at least one arrest,” according to Councilman Costello, who also noted that buckets of urine and feces were found in the building. A search and seizure warrant was also conducted at the Victory House in June of last year, resulting in two arrests and the recovery of heroin.

The Victory House could reopen for occupancy if the structural issues are resolved and the property passes an inspection. However, a vacant building notice was issued yesterday, so the owner would also need to obtain a Use & Occupancy permit, according to Councilman Costello. The property is currently owned by an LLC based in Prince George’s County, but it was listed for sale on Tuesday. There will be an onsite auction on Wednesday, July 13th at 2pm with an opening bid at $400,000.

Update: The highest bid at the auction was $450,000, but it was not accepted by the owner. Negotiations were ongoing between the highest bidder and auction company after the auction. More than 50 people were in attendance.

Members of the community have often expressed their concerns and frustrations about the Victory House during Riverside Neighborhood Association (RNA) and South Baltimore Neighborhood Association (SBNA) meetings. It has additionally been a common topic of conversation during the RNA/SBNA Citizens on Patrol Walks, including one with BPD Commissioner Kevin Davis earlier this year.

Councilman Costello said for members of the community to call 911 if they see individuals breaking into the property (note: 1700 Light St. at the corner is not part of the Victory House).

The Victory House is the second residence to be shut down in the immediate area as 1701 Light St., across the street from the Victory House, was seized by the State of Maryland on a violation of the Drug Nuisance Abatement Law. That property is currently under construction and will become two homes.


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  • Charm City Guy

    This is excellent news! Great work by those that worked together to achieve this; us SoBo residents are thankful.

    • ex

      you are an ass

  • Jamie dee

    There were people living there who did not use drugs. No one was placed in temp. housing. It ‘s total ignorance to be glad elderly folks were put on the street. The neighbors should be ashamed of their selves. What if that was one of your relatives put on the street homeless. That house provided shelter to some people who were rebuilding their lives and couldn’t afford any place else. If you doubt what you just read, do as much investigation into what happend to those you helped put on the street with no temp. housing or any assistance at all. If you sleep better at night because of the closure of the Victory House, maybe you need to evaluate what type of person you are. If it was so bad there, how then did the building just pass 2 inspections in the last 60 days? Look into that or ask your crooked council man. He stated he would make it his first order of business to get rid of the Victory House. Seems he made good on his boast. Dirty politics is not good for South Baltimore or those who live there. If you don’t follow the rules, are the next to be put out? I’m ashamed to say, those who helped with this are my neighbors!!!

  • ex resident

    I agree with Jamie dee I use to live at victory house and because of it closing im in a shelter but my belongings are still at victory house the fault is not only on the councilman it is the owners fault as well the owner is Arlene fabina