BPD Update on Recent Carjackings at Digital Harbor High School’s Parking Lot

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From Baltimore Police Southern District Commander Major Steven Ward on NextDoor:

Below is an update with robberies in the 1100 Block of Covington Area and TIPS if you become a victim. The Southern District will be increasing patrols in the area between 4p-7p until further notice. If you see any suspicious groups of juveniles please DO NOT confront them just call 911. Any other concerns please contact Major Ward at 410-404-9199 or email ([email protected]).


1100 Covington St Thursday 4/06/17 1555 hours Victim: Weapon: Folding knife 

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: # 1. B/M, 5’8, 130- 140 lbs. NFD #2. B/M 5’6 130-140 lbs., brown eyes

(Victim) advised that he parked his vehicle (2013 Honda Civic) in the parking lot of Digital Harbor High School (1100 block of Covington). Upon exiting his vehicle while he was taking a bag out of same he was approached by two black males. One of the males displayed an approximately 3 inch folding knife and demanded “give me your keys”. Victim handed the keys to the second suspect and same drove off with the vehicle down the 1100 block of Covington. One suspect removed his wallet containing driver’s license, debit card and credit cards. VEHICLE RECOVERED: 4400 Block of Springfield.

1100 Covington St Saturday 4/8/17 1557 hours Victim: WEAPONS: knife, mace

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: 3 black males, all were described as being 13-15yrs of age, thin build and between the heights of 5’2-5’5

Victim stated he was robbed by 3 unknown B/M juveniles. Victim stated he parked his vehicle on the parking lot of Digital Harbor High School. As he was walking across school promenade to get to his girlfriend’s home he heard footsteps behind him. As he turned and looked he observed 3 young black males running behind him. All were described as being 13-15yrs of age, thin build and between the heights of 5’2-5’5. Victim then began to run and as he looked back again he saw the males were closer and observed a knife in the first of the three suspect’s hands. Victim was unable to out run them and once they caught up to him, Victim again observed the knife and also observed the second suspect had a container of mace. The first suspect stated “I want your wallet, phone and keys”. Victim refused and a tussle ensued amongst the three suspects and victim. During this struggle victim fell to the ground and at that time he began to yell for help. A bystander in the area heard victim yelling and attempted to intervene by yelling at the 3 males. As the males heard and observed the bystander yelling the third suspect was able to grab victim black I-phone 6 out of his right rear pocket before fleeing from the location.

100 Covington St Sunday 4-9-17 1339 hours Victim: WEAPON: fixed blade knife

SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: black male, 14-16, 5’11, medium build, medium complexion, red t shirt, blue jeans

Victim stated that he had just parked his 2002 black Ford Ranger in the parking lot next to Digital Harbor HS and was walking around to his passenger seat to gather belongings when he was approached by two unknown black male suspects. Suspect #1 placed victim in a headlock, and a scuffle ensued. Suspect #2, black male, 14-16, 5’11, medium build, medium complexion, red t shirt, blue jeans, and a mustache, then began going through victim pockets, and removed his wallet and iPhone 5C. Suspect #2 then took out a knife and ordered victim to relinquish his car keys. victim refused. Suspect #2 then unsheathed the knife and held it to victim ribs, at which point victim handed over the keys. The two suspects then entered the vehicle and fled towards Light Street, before making a left turn on Cross Street

What Should I Do If I am a Robbery Victim? 

DO NOT PANIC — get a grip on yourself and stay calm. Take some deep breaths.
DO NOT RESIST — the robber wants your valuables, not you. “Things” can always be replaced … you can not.
OBEY THE ROBBER’S INSTRUCTIONS — listen closely to what the robber says and do not argue. Try to remember the exact words spoken by the robber as it may help with the police investigation.
BE ALERT — notice what is happening.
LOOK FOR DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS — look for things that can not be changed such as scars, marks, tattoos, limps, accents, etc.
WEAPONS — take careful note of any weapons. You will have to describe it later to the police. If the robber indicates that there is a weapon in his pocket, assume it is a gun. If the robber has a gun, assume it is loaded.
DESCRIPTION OF ROBBER — compare the robber to your own height and weight to estimate the size of your attacker.
COOPERATE WITH THE POLICE — if you are robbed, or see someone else being robbed, report it to the police immediately.


Major Steven T Ward

WBAL TV covered an April 4th assault involving Digital Harbor students. A woman on Grindall Street in Federal Hill was kicked and hit in the eye with an umbrella. From the article:

School district officials released a statement, saying:

“While the majority of students at Digital Harbor High School continue to demonstrate behaviors that reflect the school community’s values and honor its vision, unfortunately, a small group of students has engaged in unacceptable and disruptive actions in the community. School administrators have identified the students involved in these incidents, and they will experience the appropriate disciplinary consequences based on the Baltimore City Public Schools Code of Conduct.

“Following spring break, we will be increasing school police patrols in the neighborhood at dismissal time, and we have requested additional support from the Baltimore Police Southern District. At the same time, the school will be engaging community members to work with school administrators, students, and parents to address this issue. And finally, teachers and administrators will meet with students to discuss these events and review expectations.”

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