Halloween Night Ends With Multiple Crimes in South Baltimore

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There were multiple crimes committed in South Baltimore last night – when the the neighborhood was busier than normal with Halloween trick-or-treating festivites wrapping up – between the times of 9:24pm and 9:56pm.

Baltimore Police Department (BPD) is currently investigating four robberies, which involved a total of 8 victims. They occurred on the 800 block of Battery Ave. in Federal Hill, the 700 block of Covington St. in Federal Hill, the 300 block of E. Fort Ave. in Federal Hill/Riverside, and behind the Maryland Science Center at the Inner Harbor. The robbery on the 300 block of E. Fort Ave. had two victims and the robbery at the Inner Harbor had four victims. The suspects are described by BPD as group of approximately 10-15 juveniles.

SouthBMore.com spoke with one of the victims, who is an adult female from Annapolis, as well as her boyfriend who lives in Riverside. The victim said about six African American teenage females, who were carrying backpacks and some of whom were wearing gray sweatshirts, approached her on the 1500 block of Henry St. between Fort Ave. and Riverside Park. According to the victim, they shouted “let’s go” and began hitting her with wood objects that she said looked like 2x4s. She was held from behind during the incident by additional individuals but was unable to get their description. She said that none of the individuals appeared to be in Halloween costumes.

The victim had her face on the ground during the attack and asked the individuals what they wanted. “I was fighting back a bit so I could get to the middle of the street so someone would see me,” she said.

The victim said she gave the individuals her cell phone before a neighborhood resident came out of a nearby alley and scared them off. The victim went to University of Maryland Medical Center. She suffered fractures on the bridge of her nose and on her lower eye socket. Her other eye was also bruised, and she had to get stitches on her knees.

The robbery on the 800 block of Battery also resulted in a victim being transported to the hospital according to BPD.

WJZ had an exclusive interview with the mom of a Digital Harbor student who was one of the victims of the attacks at the Inner Harbor. The female victim suffered two broken hands and needed stitches in her head after getting stomped and hit with a baseball bat.

BPD has not made any arrests at this time and detectives are continuing to investigate these incidents. Anyone with information is asked to call investigators from the Citywide Robbery Unit at 410-366-6341.

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  • Donnie

    All the time the police or down the harbor and around that area what the f*** are they doing it is ridiculous how that stuff happens and then people

  • Melody Hutchins

    They were assigned to the fells point area where this crap usually occurs. The delinquent knew this so off they went to rob and’ assault elsewhere. Please stop blaming the police. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame the parents and the justice system.