Retail/Bar Opportunities in Fed Hill

| February 11, 2012 | 1 Comments

With the opening of McHenry Row, some big new tenants at Southside Shopping Center and new businesses galore on Light and Charles Street, the South Peninsula has really seen an explosion of new restaurants and retail in the last six months.

I couldn’t help but notice the larger than life “For Lease” sign in the window of Centro letting everyone within a half a mile realize it’s for lease. When the Bicycle restaurant opened more than 10 years ago on the 1400 block of Light St., it really became the shining light of the new South Baltimore.  Even people I knew in Annapolis were buzzing about the place.  The original owners sold the restaurant and around 2009 the final owners of the Bicycle went out with a blaze of dramatic glory, leading the way for the opening of Centro.

While Centro seemed to be very well-reviewed, it closed its doors at the end of 2011 and once again the site of South Baltimore’s original attraction is out of business.  So I went to the site of JBL Real Estate to get more info and discovered a lot of other Federal Hill opportunities for aspiring business owners.  The Lease will be negotiable.  Federal Hill is an eat-at-the-bar type crowd, so I recommend the new owners either have fabulous food, very reasonably priced food or remodel the place to more of a casual setting.

JBL also has a listing for the 7-Eleven on Light St. as they will be moving to their new location at 1111 Light St. very soon.  There are also multiple spaces available within that property and leases are negotiable. (If they are going for a new convenience store in the area, a Wawa sure would be awesome!)

Also listed is the site of Computer Harbor, which I believe is the second property that they have left vacant on Light St. (Their old property right next to 1211 Light St. also appears to be up for lease.)  They are looking for $2,000 per month + NNN. The spot is prime location as it’s basically across the street from Cross St. Market and has 93 Luxury apartments under construction directly behind it.

CitythatBreeds is reporting that after acquiring the 7-day liquor license from Corks, Rowhouse Grille is now looking to sell their old 6-day license.  So it appears there are three inactive liquor licenses in Federal Hill, joining Turners (7-day license) and Fed Hill Lounge (6-day license.)  Should be interesting to see where they end up, as there appears to be some nice vacant spaces at the old Movietime on Charles St., the spot next to the bicycle shop which was long rumored to be a diner, the soon to be vacant M & T Bank on Cross St. as they also move to 1111 Light St., the old Turners, a three-rowhouse wide store front on Fort and Light, as well as the old Corks and a couple other spots.

For the record…I’m still hoping to see a German bar, a classic Italian restaurant and a Vietnamese pho house in the neighborhood.

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