Why I Love South Baltimore

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Hello, my name is Kevin Lynch and I am the creator of SouthBMore.com.  I have lived and worked in SoBo/SBNA/SBIC or just Federal Hill to most people for the most of the last 10 years.  I am a native of Annapolis, a graduate of Towson University, and have run my own Video Production and Multimedia company, Incept Multimedia, for the last 9 years.

This is the first of a feature where people in South Baltimore, whether a local celebrity, business leader, or great neighbor, tell us why they love South Baltimore, and why this is the place they choose to make their home.  If you’d like to share your story, please let us know, as every one of us contribute to what makes this area so great.


To me living in SoBo, is the only place I want to be.  Would I love to have a bigger house in SoBo, of course, but  who wouldn’t. Before I go into all the reasons I love being here, I have to hit on one aspect that separates this place from just about every urban area in America.  You can live in a safe, affordable area, and be able to walk to one of the country’s best baseball stadiums and one of the country’s best football stadiums.  As a diehard Orioles and Ravens fan, this is as good as it gets for me.  Most stadiums throughout the country are either in dicey areas, the suburbs, or in an area that your average person could not afford to live. Look at DC’s sports venues, they hit dicey, suburban, and too expensive all in one city.  Walking to a Ravens game, walking to an O’s game, walking to a Lacrosse Final Four, walking to a European Soccer match; that is a great day for this guy.

Another reason I love this area, is I get to be around all the action, yet can also relax.  In SoBo/Fed Hill there are hundreds of restaurants, serving bar food, chef food, and ethnic food, as well as adult beverages mixed with local hops, fresh fruit, and even ice cream.  Occasionally I find myself leaving the area to hit a Lowes or Office Depot, but just about everything you need is located on the South Peninsula.  Plus who doesn’t love walking to things; is there anything more stressful than a gridlocked parking lot at a suburban shopping center?  New businesses seem to pop up every week, while it remains tough to put in appearances at everything that is already here.  This conversation will never happen here, “Should we go to the Applebees or the Fridays?”

Aside from all the action, there are great amenities and the ability to relax here.  We are fortunate to have so many parks in an urban setting.  We have Rash Field, Federal Hill Park, Riverside Park, Swann Park, Latrobe Park, Fort Mchenry and your dog’s favorite, the Locust Point Dog Park.  Many cities I visit there is just brick after brick after brick, with out much space to get out and play.  The neighborhood also has marinas, pools, museums, and a great waterfront promenade to take a scenic stroll.  As someone with a lot of energy, I just love playing Beach Volleyball down at Rash Field, and taking my dog for a walk along the water.

Accessibility is also a great feature of this area.  Being directly on on 95, 295, and Rt. 2 makes it easy to get just about anywhere without many hiccups.   As someone who hits a lot of different areas for work, it is nice to be within 20 minutes of White Marsh, Towson, Ellicott City, Columbia, and Severna Park, and getting to Catonsville, Halethorpe or Brooklyn Park takes no time at all.  If you work downtown, you can walk, and you can take the Circulator to Harbor East, Mt. Vernon, Harbor East, Little Italy, Hopkins Hospital, and Hollins Market.  The light rail also comes through the Stadiums allowing you to get between the airport and Hunt Valley.

Living in South Baltimore has been an amazing experience for me, and it has been great to see it constantly improving and constantly getting stronger.  SoBo has gone from a place in transition, to a neighborhood on the rise, to a really great place… I’ve lived through all of it.  But I think it’s best days are ahead with the potential of a Casino Development, a new arena, a new soccer stadium, and the future of the Middle Branch and Westport.  I can’t wait to experience all those new things, and continue to enjoy what is already here.

About the Author:

Founder and Publisher of SouthBmore.com, longtime resident of South Baltimore, and a graduate of Towson University. Diehard Ravens and O's fan, father of three, amateur pizza chef, skateboarder, and "bar food" foodie. Email me at Kevin@InceptMM.com and follow me on Twitter at @SoBoKevin.
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