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Changes at The Reserve and Taco Spot

The liquor license at 1542 Light St. has had more faces than a “Michael Jackson through the years” photo album.  Closing in 2002 was Copa 2000, which was something every neighborhood needs – a trashy swingers bar.  The bar was busted during an undercover sting. Rumor was “a monetary tip was given for great services, which was deemed prostitution.” I don’t have to explain, you get the point.  A few were devastated, most were relieved.

Then the live music spot, The Royale, took over. It lasted a few years and eventually joined Copa 2000 in extinction.  Then came in a bar – I’m blanking on the name – but it was somewhat of a martini bar without food.  The sign on the outside was made of tarp and as the type on the banner faded away, so did the bar.  In 2009 a major renovation was undertaken and The Reserve took over the rotating liquor license.

The management team of The Reserve made the outside look a thousand times better and the great renovation continued on the inside.  Though they have undergone some menu changes, chef changes and minor renovations, they have lasted two and a half years.  Though they “teased” today that they where closing on Facebook, they are just undergoing a renovation and menu change.  “After 2 1/2 wonderful years, The Reserve is officially closing it’s doors today. Thank you all for your continued support! However, we have a special surprise in store for you all…so stay tuned. The doors will be closed from 2/20-2/27 for construction. Enjoy this weather & have a wonderful week!”

…hopefully this will be the last face lift 1542 Light St. has for the foreseeable future. For some additional insight: The City that Breeds article on the announcement.

The same ownership group is also involved in Taco Spot on Charles St. and it appears there are some major changes ahead for that restaurant.  They are transferring a liquor license, which according to the docket appears to be that from Fed Hill Lounge,  to Taco Spot.  They are now closed for renovations until further notice.  There are two vacant storefronts, one on each side of Taco Spot, so we will see if the new bar includes one of these locations.  We will let you know when we have more information.

Here is the Notice of Transfer:

The Sobo Taco Spot, LLC Transfer of ownership and location 1118 S. Charles Street
Michael White from 23 E. Cross Street Suite 110 & 111
Bruce Richardson

Camden Yards Update

As many of you have heard, Camden Yards is undergoing renovations to make it a year-round destination.  The additions include a monument park in center field, a roof deck and concession area on top of the green wall in center field (drinkin’ on a roof deck, so very Baltimore!), lowering the right field wall for better viewing from Eutaw St. and a year-round brew pub on Eutaw replacing the Bud Light Warehouse Bar.

BMore Media is reporting that the new brew pub will be run by Delaware North, the official concessionaire of Camden Yards, and will receive consulting from Lettuce Entertain you Enterprises Inc.  The new pub should be a great addition to the area, but if they charge ballpark prices year-round, I know many locals will not stop by when there is not a game.  It is also run by a national company, which is never popular with the foodies of Baltimore.

New Businesses in Pigtown

I will be meeting with the president and vice president of Pigtown Main Street this week to get all the latest and greatest in Pigtown, but I wanted to give some brief updates on some new businesses on Washington Blvd.  The shopping center on MLK, which already features a General Dollar, will be adding a Zips Dry Cleaning.  Not the most exciting tenant, but a good service provided and one less vacancy in the area.

Charm City Wings and Waffles will be opening a restaurant on the 800 block of Washington Blvd. in the heart of the main street area.  I don’t have any additional information, but I know they were aiming for a November 1st opening and they still haven’t opened their doors.   But they have added signage to the outside windows, and judging by the name, I think it’s safe to guess they’ll have chicken and waffles… which as a northerner, I haven’t tried yet.

Bicycle/Centro Still Available

JBL Real Estate informed me that the old Bicycle/Centro restaurant location is still available and the rent is negotiable. They are looking for a well-qualified restauranteur.  Here is our previous article we did on the location and its history.

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