How South Baltimore Voted for Governor

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maryland_flag1It is always interesting to see how the area where you live votes and, though you can get a bit of a gauge based on conversations around the community (though many avoid political conversations with strangers), it’s always interesting to see how it plays out at the polls.

Below is a look at all the precincts included in’s coverage area. In the analysis section, we also zero in on just the South Baltimore peninsula neighborhoods that are very intertwined and part of both Baltimore City’s District 11 and Maryland’s District 46, thus removing Ridgely’s Delight, Pigtown, and Barre Circle from this part of the analysis.

Precinct 21-001- East Ridgely’s Delight
Precinct 21-002- Ridgely’s Delight/Barre Circle area
Precinct 21-003- West Pigtown
Precinct 21-004- East Pigtown
Precinct 22-001- Otterbein area
Precinct 22-002- Otterbein/Federal Hill area
Precinct 23-001- Federal Hill South/SBNA area
Precinct 23-002- Basicallly Sharp Leadenhall
Precinct 23-003- Basically SBNA/Federal Hill West
Precinct 24-001- In between Federal Hill and Harborview
Precinct 24-002- Federal Hill South area
Precinct 24-003- Harborview/Riverside area
Precinct 24-004- Basically Riverside
Precinct 24-005- Basically Locust Point

Precinct 21-001- Brown 116, Hogan 53
Precinct 21-002- Brown 315, Hogan 76
Precinct 21-003- Brown 255, Hogan 111
Precinct 21-004- Brown 83, Hogan 31
Precinct 22-001- Brown 206, Hogan 144
Precinct 22-002- Brown 296, Hogan 246
Precinct 23-001-  Brown 213, Hogan 147
Precinct 23-002- Brown 181, Hogan 78
Precinct 23-003- Brown 193, Hogan 316
Precinct 24-001- Brown 136, Hogan 138
Precinct 24-002- Brown 117, Hogan 138
Precinct 24-003- Brown 248, Hogan 336
Precinct 24-004- Brown 334, Hogan 450
Precinct 24-005- Brown 393, Hogan 722

In’s coverage area, Brown took the area by 100 votes, 3086-2986 or 50.8%-49.2%.  But, looking at the South Baltimore peninsula, eliminating 21-001 through 21-004, Hogan wins by 260 votes, 2577-2317 or 52.7%-47.3%.

Without putting too much stock in one major election, the Ridgely’s Delight/Barre Circle/Pigtown area appears to lean Democrat with 74% of votes going to Anthony Brown. The peninsula as a whole, in this case, is relatively split with Republican support growing the farther you get from Downtown. The best showings of support for Hogan were in Locust Point, South Baltimore and Riverside.

Hogan won the General Election with 51% of the vote to Brown’s 47.2% (884,400-818,890), but Brown won Baltimore City 77.5% – 22.5% (106,213 to 30,845).

Baltimore’s entire representation at the city, state and federal level is Democrat.

In 2012, looked at how South Baltimore voted for president. President Obama took the coverage area 67.1%-32.9% and the South Baltimore peninsula 61.9% to 38.1%.

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