STM Cycling Fitness Center Opens in Carroll-Camden

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Adam Berg purchased the 51,000 sq. ft. building at 1415 Bush St. in Carroll-Camden Industrial Area in 1990. Then when a 6,000 sq. ft. space opened in that building a couple years ago, he decided it was time to pursue his passion. Berg starting cycling in 1999 and is now putting his love for high-endurance fitness, as well as science, engineering, technology, and math, into his new fitness studio STM Cycling.

Berg is experienced in real estate development as he renovates and rebuilds small apartment buildings in Baltimore City. He also has a degree from Hofstra University in engineering which fuels his passion for the science of fitness.

STM opened in the summer after six months of construction. The studio features the Bike Lab where STM offers 21 stationary bike classes each week, as well as private group sessions. The studio also has The Functional Training Room where STM offers five yoga classes each week and The Competition Room where cyclists can clip a Computrainer to their bike or an STM bike and compete on interactive courses shown on large televisions. STM also features a bike shop for repairs, locker rooms, a café, and a reception area.

There are many reclaimed wood desks, benches, and counters at STM. These are made by Anything Wood & Metal which also has a workshop at the property.

Berg described the classes at STM as “unlike anything else in the country.” The Bike Lab hour-long classes focus on “what your body feels like to be in different Physiological Zones” according to Berg, measuring RPMs, speed, watts, and heart rate. Classes feature “bursts” where attendees have to maintain an increased levels of watts, which is the combination of RPMs and resistance. Attendees can track their results on an USB drive. Berg said the classes are a personal commitment to training, not exercise.

Bike Lab classes are taught by Berg and Paul De Santis and yoga classes are taught by Mahatara Youssef and Mel Freeman.

Berg is hoping to use classes at STM to start a cycling league with the different businesses in and near Carroll-Camden.

Members can take unlimited classes for $129/month, three classes per week for $109/month, two classes per week for $89/month, and one class per week for $59/month. Berg and General Manager Gregory LaCour saidthat everyone’s first class is free.

STM is located along the Gwynns Falls Trail and Berg is hoping STM can be a resource for cyclists on the trail, noting he will be organizing outdoor rides in the future. Berg described the relationship between indoor and outdoor cyclists as like “The Hatfields and McCoys,” but he’s hoping to bring both worlds together.








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