Q&A with CHARM CITY KILLER Author Josh Petroski

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Baltimore-area resident Josh Petroski recently launched the site www.charmcitythrillers.com where individuals can download his online novel CHARM CITY KILLER for free. SouthBMore.com caught up with Petroski to learn about the novel, its connection to Baltimore, and his passion for writing.

What is Charm City Killer? Tell us about it.

CHARM CITY KILLER is a dark, edgy, off-beat thriller about a thirty-three year veteran of print advertising, an industry dying at the hands of the internet. Moe Steadman, a person to whom life had never been fair, devises a plan for revenge, posing as a small business owner and luring internet sales reps into meetings. As his list of victims grows Moe reveals too much to his therapist and soon an ambitious cop closes in on him as does the darkness of complete mental disintegration.

What are your goals for Charm City Killer?

Admittedly in the far depths of my mind I have visions of grandeur about the site and more importantly the book going viral, being published by Random House with a million dollar advance, and me sitting on Oprah’s couch a year from now. However I’m more of a realist now than I was twenty-five years ago when I started writing. Really my goal is simply for the book to be read by as many people as possible, a few of whom might put up positive reviews on the site. Knowing even just a few people have been entertained and enriched in some way by my work will be all the fulfillment and reward I need.

How is Baltimore featured in the online novel?

Baltimore, in addition to being the setting, becomes in a sense a symbolic representation of Moe Steadman, the person. Both are tough and hard, yet as Moe’s evolution reveals true beauty lies within both. Among the specific Baltimore stand outs are the Inner Harbor and other downtown sites such as the Cal Ripken mural and The Block. There are also mentions of Baltimore sports legends such as Ray Lewis and Johnny Unitas.

How did you get into writing? What fuels your imagination for thrillers?

I wish I would have been a book worm and devoured novels as a youngster. I was more interested in playing and watching football. I did have a fourth grade teacher indicate that I had an aptitude for writing. I even wrote a few song lyrics as a small child. I guess what really got me into writing (at age 20) was boredom and more importantly a desire to become something more than I was. I simply picked up a pen and with no formal training started writing. I don’t know exactly what fuels my imagination for thrillers or any other genre for that matter. Music certainly has assisted as has at times driving in my car or bouncing a tennis ball as I ponder plot and characters. I can say that thrillers are by far the genre I enjoy reading most. My favorites are David Baldacci, James Patterson, and Walter Mosely.

What other projects have you been involved in?

“Projects” is a loose term. I’ve written seven novels (although most would be considered novellas under 200 pages) and twelve feature length screen plays. None have been published or produced so they really don’t qualify as projects. I have had a short film produced that made it to the God on Film Festival in N.Y.C. I also had a short play produced at Sacred Fools theater in L.A. and one of my feature length screenplays was optioned for the impressive , life changing, mind numbing, sum of… one dollar.


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