Update and Timeline on Gas Main Replacements Around Fort Avenue

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From Councilman Eric Costello:

Update on MyBGE Operation Pipeline Gas Main Replacement – South Baltimore III (Riverside)

I met with Asplundh, BGE’s contractor on this project, on July 26th. Below is an update on the project:

Approximately 54% of the main replacement work (the large gas main underneath the street) is completed and 43% of the service tie-ins (the connection between the gas main and each individual property are completed.

– 600 – 800 blocks of E Fort Ave – 5 remaining service tie-ins

-500 block of E Fort Ave – gas main replacement will be started this week

– 600 block of E Fort Ave was patched up by DPW last week

– As soon as the 500 block gas main replacement and service tie-ins are completed, resurfacing of everything on E Fort Ave and east of Jackson St including Boyle St, Harvey St, Hyson St, Jackson St, and Webster St will be resurfaced, which is expected to be starting in early-October

– 1500 block of Covington St is next after the 500 block of E Fort Ave, followed by the 1500 block of Belt St, and finally moving west including the 1500 blocks of Henry St, Riverside Ave, Battery Ave, and finally William St

– The entire project is expected to be completed by end-December of this year

Finally, please see the appended map below of the project foot print.

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