Bustin Boards Opens Factory Store at City Garage in Port Covington

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Bustin Boards Skateboard Company relocated from Hagerstown, MD to a 8,500 sq. ft. space at City Garage in Port Covington. Last week, it opened the Bustin Factory Store within its space at 101 W. Dickman St.

The factory store gives customers an opportunity to purchase a skateboard or Bustin Boards gear, as well as the chance to see some of the production aspects of the company. Customers can see how the skateboards are put together; learn how the decks are designed, manufactured, and screen printed; and watch the team ship off orders. Customers can also try out the boards before making a purchase.

The facility also has skateboard ramps that customers can ride. Bustin Boards plans on adding more ramps and potentially a mini ramp half pipe in the future.

Bustin Boards will also be launching skateboard lessons for all ages on Saturday mornings from 9am to 11am starting next week. It will additionally host skateboarding events.

“We not only want customers to visit the store, we want to give them an experience,” said Josh Dunn of Bustin Boards.

Bustin Boards likes to say it makes skateboards for skateboarders. It has many custom board sizes for push riding, also known as longboard riding, which can be done for commuting or long distance competitions; downhill riding; street skateboarding; and ramp riding. There are 10 custom-designed screens for the boards that were hand-painted by the team’s artists. Several designs incorporate the Maryland flag. Bustin Boards has also teamed with Charm City Skateparks on a deck.

Bustin Boards partners with Paris Truck Company, and has its own line of wheels that it designed, but that are manufactured elsewhere. Bustin Boards’ decks are engineered in-house but it uses another company for mass production. Dunn told SouthBMore.com that complete skateboards cost anywhere from $99 to $500.

Bustin Boards sells it boards via online orders and at skate shops throughout the world. Dunn told SouthBMore.com that Asia and South America are booming markets for skateboarding.

The factory store will be open Monday through Friday from 9pm to 7pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 7pm. The store can be accessed through the main City Garage entrance, as well as through a direct entrance on the west side of the building. Dunn said Bustin Boards plans on adding more branding to the side entrance so customers can easily find it.

Bustin Boards currently has 12 Baltimore-based employees.

Photos below courtesy of Bustin Boards photographer Khaleeq Alfred

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