Relocations and Temporary Tenant Closings Coming to Cross Street Market as Renovations Ramp Up

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Caves Valley Partners (CVP) is ramping up the pace for the $7.3-million redevelopment of Cross Street Market in Federal Hill. As result, it will close down more than half of the 31,800 sq. ft. block-long market from Light St. to Charles St. for renovations.

The Light St. side of the market will shut down in the next couple weeks, which will lead to some relocations and temporary closings for existing tenants. A temporary wall has been built adjacent to Nunally Brothers Choice Meats and everything east of there will shut down for at least the next 90 days. This area will be reopened in two phases.

Arsh Mirmiran of CVP told the following in an email, “With some unexpected attrition (Cross Street Seafood and Kwon shutting down and not being able to reach deals with Baltimore’s Best BBQ and Bruce Lee), tenants saying it is tough being open during construction, and a willingness on the part of multiple merchants to do temporary shutdowns, we are basically ripping off the Band-Aid and going full throttle to get as much done as quickly as possible.”

CVP will first complete renovations in the portion of the market near the Light St. entrance. It expects to reopen about 90 days after closing, approximately in the August timeframe. To accommodate the accelerated schedule, Fenwick Meats and Steve’s Lunch have agreed to close their businesses for 90 days. Both will close after Saturday, April 21st and both will be in a permanent stall location on the Light St. side of the market upon returning.

Henry Reisinger of Fenwick Meats told that he hopes the project is successful for the neighborhood, the city, and the vendors. When asked what he’ll do for the 90 days while closed, he told, “no idea, maybe I’ll get a job.” He noted that he’s happy he only has to move once and not twice. Reisinger also showed his frustration with all the changes at the market in recent years.

Doughnut shop Sundays, which opened in December, is closing after this weekend and is not sure if it will return. Sundays owner Phil Han told it will depend on negotiations with CVP and its leasing team at Cana Development. Sundays sells doughnuts onsite but is also where Han and his team make the doughnuts that are sold at his restaurant Dooby’s and at the Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar. Han said his equipment will move out of the space and they will move doughnut production to a different site.

Prescription Chicken and Gertie’s Yummy Yogurt Bowls, which opened in December, moved to Mount Vernon Marketplace last week and is expected to return to Cross Street Market later this year.

Cookie Dough & Co., which opened as a pop-up stall in December, is also relocating to Mount Vernon Marketplace where owners Patrick Exon and Dan Ju also own and operate Pinch Dumplings. does not have any details at this time about the possibility of a return.

Cheese Galore & More is relocating to the Charles St. side of the market to the former space occupied by Bruce Lee Wings, which closed at the end of last month after failing to reach a deal with CVP. Cheese Galore & More owner Sharon Johnson said it was “bittersweet” to take over a space that was the longtime home of Bruce Lee Wings.

Cheese Galore & More is now closed and will reopen on April 23rd. Johnson said she is excited to move into a space that is less isolated. Cheese Galore & More will move back to the approximate area it left after renovations.

When Ceremony Coffee opens at Cross Street Market, Cheese Galore & More will no longer be able to sell bags of Zeke’s Coffee. Johnson said she will make up for it by selling more charcuterie which she said she is “excited” to offer.

The Sweet Shoppe will also relocate to a stall on the Charles St. side of the market that has been vacant in recent years.

Renovations have been in full swing in recent weeks as vacant stalls have been demolished, windows that were covered in cinder block have been reopened, large new openings on the side of the market have been opened, and exterior renovations have been done.

The market will reopen in three phases, while two sections of the market will remain open at all times. Approximately a third of the Light St. side will be renovated and reopened around August. CVP will next work to reopen the middle portion of the market from Nunnally Brothers to the reopened section near Light St. The Charles St. side of the market will be renovated in Phase 3 and will remain open until that begins. The entire project is expected to be completed in 2019.

The exterior will be renovated to give it the “retro” look of the Cross Street Market in the 1950s and it will have several outdoor seating areas on new sidewalks. The interior will have approximately 30 stalls and six common seating areas.

New rendering courtesy of CVP and Brown Craig Turner 

The Cross Street Market project has been approved through new Maryland General Assembly legislation to apply for a new liquor license. Nick’s Inner Harbor Seafood will continue to use its existing seven-day beer/wine license.

There have been many tenant changes at Cross Street Market in recent months. This includes the relocation of Cross 10 Grocery to 1039 S. Charles St. and the closing of Baltimore’s Best BBQ and Bruce Lee Wings. Bruce Lee of Bruce Lee Wings is looking for a new location and a GoFundMe page has been created to raise money for a move. Baltimore’s Best BBQ was not sure what was next when spoke to owners Siyang and Sandy Lee last month.

Kwon’s Produce recently closed and has not ruled out a return to Cross Street Market. Cross Street Seafood also closed and will not be returning.

In the past year, Big Jim’s closed after mutually agreeing to part ways with CVP, The Flower Shop relocated to Carroll-Camden/Pigtown, and Mondawmin Chicken and Tian’s Teriyaki closed.

Smoke opened in the former home of Tian’s Teriyaki on the Charles St. end of the Cross Street Market in December and remains open.

New tenants coming to Cross Street Market in the future include Annapolis-based Ceremony Coffee Roasters; DC-based Cucina Al Volo, which will sell pastas with locally-sourced ingredients; and Sarah Simington, owner of Federal Hill’s Blue Moon Too, who will open a stall selling quirky home goods.

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Renovations photos

New rendering courtesy of CVP and Brown Craig Turner 

New layout (click to enlarge)

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