Primary Election Day is Tomorrow, Here’s a Look at the Ballot

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Tomorrow is the Gubernatorial Primary Election. Democrats and Republicans will vote for candidates from their own party who will move on to the General Election on November 6th. Find your polling location here.  Polling Places are open 7am-8pm.

Note: Some parts of South Baltimore are not in District 46, Congressional District 3, or Baltimore City District 11 (for Republican Central Committee only). See a list of all candidates in Maryland here

Here is a look at the ballot:

Maryland Governor/Lt. Governor (4-year term) Vote for 1

Republican Ballot

-One-term Incumbent Republican Governor Larry Hogan and Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford are running unopposed for the Republicans.

Democratic Ballot

-Rushern L. Baker, III (Prince George’s County Executive) and Elizabeth Embry

-Ben Jealous and Susan Turnbull

-James Hugh Jones, II and Charles S. Waters

-Kevin Kamenetz (Kamenetz died on May 10th while serving as Baltimore County Executive) and Valerie Ervin

-Rich Madaleno (Current State Senator) and Luwanda Jenkins

-Alec Ross and Julie C. Verratti

-Jim Shea and Brandon Scott (2nd District Baltimore City Councilman)

-Krish O’Mara Vignarajah and Sharon Y. Blake

Maryland Comptroller (4-year term) Vote for 1

Democratic Ballot

-Incumbent Peter Franchot is running for his fifth term as Comptroller

Republican Ballot

-Anjali Reed Phukan is running unopposed

Maryland Attorney General  (4-year term) Vote for 1

Democratic Ballot

-One-time incumbent Brian E. Frosh is running unopposed

Republican Ballot

-Craig Wolf is running unopposed

U.S. Senator (Six-year term) Vote for 1

Democratic Ballot

-Ben Cardin (Senator Cardin is the incumbent and seeks his third term in office)

-Erik Jetmir

-Chelsea Manning

-Marcia H. Morgan

-Jerome “Jerry” Segal

-Richard “Rikki” Vaughn

-Debbie “Rica” Wilson

-Lih Young

Republican Ballot

-Tony Campbell

-Chris Chaffee

-Even M. Crohnhardt

-Nnabu Eze

-John R. Graziani

-Christina J. Grigorian

-Albert Binyahim Howard

-Bill Krehnbrink

-Gerald I. Smith, Jr.

-Blain Taylor

-Brian Charles Vaeth

Representative in Congress District 3 (2-year term) Vote for 1

Democratic Ballot

-Adam D. DeMarco

-John Rea

-Eduardo Rosas

-John Sarbanes (Incumbent Representative John Sarbanes is seeking his sixth term in this office)

Republican Ballot

-Charles Anthony

-Thomas E. “Pinkston” Harris

-Rob Seyfferth

State Senator District 46 (four-year term) Vote for 1

Democratic Ballot

-Bill Ferguson is running unopposed and seeking his third term in office

Republican Ballot

-Christine Digman is running unopposed

House Delegates District 46 (four-year term) Vote for up to 3

Democratic Ballot

-Luke Clippinger (two-term incumbent)

-Robbyn Lewis (was appointed to replace Delegate Pete Hammen in 2016)

-Brook Elizabeth Lierman (one-term incumbent)

-Nate Loewenthiel

-Dea Thomas

Republican Ballot 

-Jeremy Baron (running unopposed)

-Nicholas Wentworth (running unopposed)

Judge of the Circuit Court Vote for up to 5

Judges of the Circuit Court do not have a party affiliation 

-Charles H. Dorsey (running unopposed)

-Lynn Stewart Mays (running unopposed)

-Dana Michele Middleton (running unopposed)

-John Nugent (running unopposed)

-Jennifer Bridget Schiffer (running unopposed)

State’s Attorney Vote for 1

Democratic Ballot 

-Ivan Bates

-Marilyn J. Mosby (one-term incumbent)

-Thiru Vignarajah

There are on Republican candidates

Clerk of the Circuit Court Vote for 1 

Democratic Ballot

-William Allen

-Marilyn Bentley

-Valerie L. Cunningham

-Lenora Dawson

-Shanai Dunmore

-Hassan Giordano

-Narine Hoffman

-Rodney “Faraj” Leach

-Anika Middleton

-Kevin W. Parson

-Danny Smith

There are no Republicans candidates

Register of Will Vote for 1 

Democratic Ballot

-Belinda K. Conaway

-Robert M. Higginbotham, II

There are no Republicans candidates

Jude of the Orphans’ Court Vote for up to 3

Democratic Ballot

-Charles “Chuck” Bernstein (running unopposed)

-Lewyn Scott Garrett (running unopposed)

-Michele E. Loewenthal (running unopposed)

There are no Republicans candidates

Baltimore City Sheriff 

Democratic Ballot

-John W. Anderson (incumbent since 1989)

-Stanley Brandford

Republican Ballot 

-David Anthony Wiggins (running unopposed)

Democratic Central Committee District 46 Vote for up to 7

-Mike Ball

-Paris Bienert

-Betty Bland-Thomas

-Sharon Brackett

-John J. Cierniak

-Mark Edelson

-Jan Eveland

-Nick Frisone

-Max Green

-Cynthia Hendricks Jone

-Andrea Mayer

-Gabriel Stuart-Sikowitz

-Tedd Walsh

-Denise Bartenfelder Whitman

-Robert Yochem

Republican Central Committee District 11 Vote for up to 2

-Gary M. Collins

-Markelle Collins

-Tom Kennedy

-Duane Shelton

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