Pop-Up FAUXrean to Temporarily Take Over the Stalking Horse Kitchen in Federal Hill

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For the next few weekends, a pop-up called FAUXrean will take over the kitchen at Stalking Horse at 26 E. Cross St. in Federal Hill. FAUXrean will be serving food Thursday to Saturday from 5pm to 10pm until October 13th. The bar at Stalking Horse will be open for its regular hours during the pop-up.

FAUXrean is a collaboration from Irvin Seo and Collin Morstein of haenyo and Cai Lindeman of Burnt Coat. Both haenyo and Burnt Coat are culinary businesses that focus on pop-ups, events, and consulting. Seo and Lindeman also own scratch made, a prepared meal delivery service.

The name FAUXrean was chosen because the menu will have a Korean influence but will not be authentically Korean. It will be a combination of Korean-inspired bar fare and more traditional items like pajeon (scallion pancakes) and tteokbokki (rice cakes in a spicy sauce). Lindeman said the menu will be very approachable, which is a bit different from his background in fine dining.

Seo was born in Seoul, Korea and and grew up in Portland, Oregon preparing traditional “Korean farm food” with his mother. Lindeman, Morstein, and Seo all have a passion for locally-grown food.

FAUXrean will use Stalking Horse’s kitchen equipment, plates, and utensils.

Lindeman, Morstein, and Seo were in the kitchen of Stalking Horse last weekend serving up more of an “American menu,” but will officially launch FAUXrean this weekend.

“We are really excited to cook for a neighborhood we don’t usually spend much time in,” said Lindeman. He said they were connected to Stalking Horse through Dave Seel of Blue Fork Marketing.

haenyo also has a upcoming pop-up at PekoPeko Ramen in Charles Village.

The kitchen at Stalking Horse has been closed for the past six months. Staff from Stalking Horse told SouthBMore.com that more pop-ups are coming and they are excited to get some “cool concepts” in the Stalking Horse kitchen over the next few months. Stalking Horse will be working with Blue Fork to lineup the events.

Photos courtesy of FAUXrean

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