Baltimore Police Department Arrests and Charges Two Individuals in Connection to Federal Hill Homicide

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Baltimore Police Department (BPD) announced today that two individuals have been arrested in connection to last Thursday’s homicide on the 1200 block of Riverside Ave. in Federal Hill. Timothy Moriconi, a 25-year-old Federal Hill resident, was shot in the head and killed while walking to his home located on the same block. It is believed by BPD that Moriconi had just left a relative’s home in the same general vicinity of Federal Hill.

“This was essentially a robbery attempt that went awry apparently, and the suspect shot and killed Mr. Moriconi,” said BPD Chief Spokesman T.J. Smith at a press conference today. Smith does not believe the suspects got away with any of Moriconi’s possessions.

“This case would not have been solved without significant community engagement,” said Smith. “We were trying to piece things together. Part of piecing things together is getting cooperation from the community, getting videos. Our investigators in this case were able to piece things together with this video.”

Using surveillance footage, BPD was able to get a vehicle description – a compact Chevrolet with a temporary registration – and officers were able track down that vehicle yesterday. Inside the vehicle were two suspects and a gun that ballistically matched the bullet that was used in the homicide.

BPD has charged Deandre Devon Sleet, a 23-year-old Baltimore resident, with 1st and 2nd degree murder, robbery, handgun use in commission of a violent felony, handgun on person, discharging a firearm, felon in possession of a firearm, illegal possession of a firearm, and handgun in vehicle.

Sleet was found guilty in May 2013 for armed robbery by the Baltimore City Circuit Court. In the case he was charged with four counts of robbery, four counts of assault, two counts of probation violation, and two charges of theft. He was sentenced to five years with three years suspended.

A 2015 second degree rape case against Sleet was dropped in 2015. In October of 2017 he was found guilty on a misdemeanor drug distribution charge in Anne Arundel County. He was sentenced to eight years with all but 18 months suspended.

Kiara Treasure Wesley, a 23-year-old from Baltimore, has been charged at this point with handgun in a vehicle. Chief Smith said additional charges are pending and noted that this is still an active homicide investigation.

Wesley currently has open criminal cases in Towson, Annapolis, Baltimore City, and Baltimore County.

“We have to thank the community for their help, for their input,” said Smith. “We hear a lot about how you solve cases, how you don’t solve cases. But, much of it does come with input from the community – evidence, witnesses coming forward. We received an overwhelming amount of assistance in this case. Fortunately we were able to get two people off the streets that were charged in this crime.”

BPD is still looking for video and evidence. It can be texted to 443-902-4824 or emailed to [email protected]

Sleet has also been charged with a robbery in Northeast Baltimore. BPD believes these two individuals were involved in street robberies where Sleet would commit the robbery and Wesley would drive the getaway car.

Hundreds of South Baltimore residents, local elected officials, and BPD staff attended a public safety walk and forum on Monday night in response to this homicide. A prayer was said for Moriconi and the city’s other 2018 homicide victims during the walk. A candle light vigil was held at the crime site last Friday night.

Moriconi’s parents, Andy and Laurie, shared the following about Moriconi’s life in a Facebook event titled “Celebrating the Life of Timothy Moriconi.” They said, “Tim comes from a warm loving family and has cast a wide net of friendships between Crozet, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, and Baltimore, Maryland. Tim was 25 and a graduate of VCU. He worked at Northrop Grumman in Baltimore. Tim loved sports, music and hanging with his friends. He enjoyed working out and loved cars. He had a very good and smart sense of humor. Most people used the same description for Tim … and this is, “He’s such a good kid.” We’ll miss Tim, but keep him in our hearts forever.”

The event also said that the Moriconi family would like to honor his memory by having donations directed to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia. Donation details are included on the Facebook event.

Photo of Timothy Moriconi from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia


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