Nunnally Brothers Closing at Cross Street Market as Focus Shifts to Hanover Street Store

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After 143 years at the Cross Street Market, Nunnally Brothers Choice Meats will close its stall and focus on another family business, Package Deals Plus, located at 2830 S. Hanover St. The 4,000 sq. ft. store is adjacent to the Vietnam Veterans Bridge, Harbor Hospital, and Middle Branch Park. Nunnally Brothers’ last day at Cross Street Market will be on Saturday.

Nunnally Brothers, now in its fifth generation of business in Baltimore, was started by Robert E. Nunnally. His great-great-grandson Chad Nunnally is now the general manager at Package Deals Plus. Nunnally Brothers Choice Meats is run by Brett Nunnally who will be joining his brother’s business, Package Deals Plus, next week. Package Deals Plus was started 15 years ago by Mark Nunnally and business partner David Vogelsang.

Brett Nunnally said he was interested in staying at the Cross Street Market but did not want to shut the business down for several months while a renovation of his section of the market took place and risk losing his customers. The eastern section of Cross Street Market is currently under construction and another phase of construction will begin next week at the section of the market between Nick’s Inner Harbor Seafood and the construction wall that was built adjacent to Nunnally Brothers. Nick’s will remain open during this next round of construction.

Brett Nunnally noted that business has been declining at Cross Street Market and that a majority of his business came from East and West Baltimore residents. He was thankful that developer Caves Valley Partners (CVP) allowed Nunnally Brothers to stay open during construction.

Brett Nunnally said that the closing at Cross Street Market is very sad and that it was hard to talk about. He and Mark Nunnally noted that they spent half their lives underneath the Nunnally Brothers Choice Meats neon signs at the Cross Street Market. Those signs have been sold to a local businessman who wanted them as a collectible. Some of the remaining Nunnally Brothers stall equipment will be sold and some will be scrapped.

While the Nunnally brothers are sad about closing their stall, it creates an opportunity for them to work together again, which they are looking forward to. Brett Nunnally is hoping his customers will follow him over to Package Deals Plus.

While Nunnally Brothers had a to keep the focus on meats due to market restrictions, they are allowed to sell a lot more items at Package Deals Plus. Along with a large selection of meat and poultry, Package Deals Plus also sells seafood including crab meat, fresh fish, and shrimp, along with marinades, sauces, spices, eggs, bread, a small selection of produce, frozen foods, vegetables, and some basic grocery items. They are hoping to expand their selection in the future with a more of a small grocery store concept with a stronger focus on fresh produce and additional grocery items.

The Nunnally brothers have not ruled out a return to Federal Hill and hope to open additional locations in the future.

Mark Nunnally told that he loves the location at 2830 S. Hanover St. and says it feels like they are in a park. The storefront looks out to Port Covington, the Middle Branch Park, the Middle Branch waterfront, and the Downtown skyline. Mark Nunnally said he likes being “30 seconds” from I-95 and noted he can check the traffic patterns by looking out the windows of his store. Package Deals Plus also has a free parking lot in front of the store.

Package Deals Plus is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday from 9am to 1pm.

Mark Nunnally and Vogelsang said business has been great at Package Deals Plus. “It’s one of the few places you can go where the owners are behind the counter, serving you, and will take your stuff out to your car,” said Mark Nunnally.

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