Portion of Federal Hill Park Slides into Street and Sidewalk

| December 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

From Councilman Eric T. Costello:

There was slippage at Federal Hill Park on to 900 block of Covington St, which occurred at some point last evening.

I have notified the Director of Baltimore Recnparks(BCRP) and asked the Director of Baltimore City Department of Transportation to ensure that site is inspected immediately and coned off, and for her to determine if Covington St should be closed until this is cleaned up. In addition, Senator Bill Ferguson reached out to the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) this morning.

In the meantime, Team46 and my office have been working on the long-term structural / stabilization issues related to the park over the past few years. We will continue to work with BCRP, DPW, MHT, and Federal Hill Park supported by SHR.

From The Baltimore Sun:

The city’s recreation and parks department said it was laying down over 200 sandbags to direct water away from the slipping area of the hill, and was working to stabilize it.

“Together with our engineers and partnering agencies, we are implementing a short-term stabilization plan as we work toward a long-term solution,” the agency said in a statement

Photo courtesy of Eric T. Costello

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