Baltimore City Mayor Catherine E. Pugh Resigns, Bernard C. “Jack” Young Now Mayor

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Baltimore City Mayor Catherine E. Pugh resigned yesterday amid pressure to step down from the scandal involving her Healthy Holly children’s books.

Former Mayor Pugh had taken a leave of absence since April 1st due to pneumonia.

Former Mayor Pugh issued the following letter to now Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young, who was serving as President of the City Council and who became Ex Officio Mayor during former Mayor Pugh’s leave of absence:

Dear Mr. President:

In the best interest of the people and government of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, I am writing to attest that, effective immediately, I hereby resign from the Office of Mayor, to which I was duly elected on November, 8 2016.

I am confident that I have left the  City in capable hands for the duration of the term for which I was elected.


Catherine E. Pugh

Councilwoman Sharon Middleton is currently serving as the Ex Officio City Council President, however the 14 members of the Baltimore City Council will vote on a new President to serve until the term expires in December 2020. Mayor Young has indicated he does not want to run for Mayor in 2020.

All 14 members of the Baltimore City Council signed a letter calling for former Mayor Pugh’s resignation including District 11 Councilman Eric Costello.

Former Mayor Pugh was co-owner of Pigtown’s 2 Chic Boutique, which closed at the end of last year.

Some local reactions to former Mayor Pugh’s resignation include:

Statement from District 46 Senator Bill Ferguson on his Facebook page:

Former Mayor Catherine Pugh has resigned. It is time to move forward. The City has been in a place of uncertainty for too long at a time when it is incumbent on our local government to restore trust in Baltimore’s institutions and operations.

This has been a dark chapter in Baltimore City’s history, but I still fundamentally believe that our best days are ahead of us as we redouble our efforts in pursuit of that shared vision.

I look forward to continuing my work with Mayor Jack Young and the new Council President to ensure all of Baltimore’s residents receive the support they demand and deserve. Over 600,000 people in our City continue to fight every day to make Baltimore the City they know it has the potential to become and we must do everything in our power to make that dream a reality.

Statement from District 46 Delegate Brooke Lierman on her Facebook page:

I take no joy in seeing anyone’s downfall, and I wish Catherine Pugh all the best in her medical recovery. I am grateful that she has chosen to resign so that the City can move forward. Along with my #Team46 colleagues, I will do whatever I can to ensure our new Mayor’s success at building a better Baltimore. I believe Baltimore’s brightest days are ahead – and knowing that we can build a City that all of our residents deserve is what keeps me working every day for the people of my district and our whole City.

If you’re feeling down about our City or frustrated, get involved – we need you! Join a community association, get involved mentoring a student with Thread, check out great organizations like Digital Harbor Foundation, Center for Urban Families (CFUF), Building STEPS, get involved with the BPD Consent Decree oversight, go shopping at a great local store (too many to name), eat at a great local restaurant (again, too many!), visit an awesome free museum like the BMA, and visit your neighborhood school to see the great work happening there. Amazing things are happening every day in this City because of Baltimoreans. Let’s elect a great new Mayor next year but between now and then, stay involved in making this City all you and I know it can be. Thank you for all you do. Onwards.

Statement from Governor Larry Hogan on his Facebook page:

This was the right decision, as it was clear the mayor could no longer lead effectively. The federal and state investigations must and will continue to uncover the facts.

Baltimore City can now begin to move forward. The state pledges its full support to incoming Mayor Jack Young and to city leaders during this time of transition.

Former Mayor Catherine E. Pugh

Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young

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