Mr. Trash Wheel Heads to General Ship Repair for a Month of Maintenance

| August 28, 2019 | 0 Comments

Mr Trash Wheel was removed from the Jones Falls yesterday and is heading to General Ship Repair on Key Hwy. for about four weeks of maintenance.

From a Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore press release: 

Trash wheels need a little self-care, too! With five years of cleaning up Baltimore’s Inner Harbor under his (conveyor) belt, Mr. Trash Wheel will be temporarily removed from his post at the end of the Jones Falls to go through some much-needed repairs and maintenance.

After collecting over 1,000,000 pounds of trash including tires, beer kegs and tree branches, the solar-powered trash interceptor’s conveyor belt will be transported by barge to Clearwater Mills’ marina in Bodkin Creek. While the belt is being repaired, Mr. Trash Wheel will be taken to General Ship Repair in Baltimore to be drydocked for cleaning, painting and any necessary repairs. Before heading back to the harbor, Mr. Trash Wheel’s conveyor belt will be reinstalled, and new batteries will be hooked up.

Don’t worry about a trash pile up, though! In the absence of Mr. Trash Wheel, the Department of Public Works will monitor the area and use skimmer boats to collect trash. The trash booms will also be arranged to collect trash while Mr. Trash Wheel is out of service.

This scheduled maintenance is being funded by The Abell Foundation, and the entire process is expected to take about four weeks.

Photo Courtesy of Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore

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