South Baltimore’s Stephen J. Tant Plumbing Can Solve Your Plumbing and HVAC Needs

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Stephen J. Tant has lived in South Baltimore his whole life and now he is helping many in the area with their plumbing and HVAC needs. His South Baltimore-based company, Stephen J. Tant Plumbing, LLC, has seven employees who are almost all South Baltimoreans like himself.

Stephen J. Tant Plumbing can work on residential, commercial, retail, and multi-family projects ranging from small projects, such as a clogged sink, to large projects, such as whole-property renovations. The company specializes in working on boilers, installing tankless water heaters, fitting out bathroom and kitchen renovations, troubleshooting water main and sewer line issues, fixing frozen pipes and flooded basements, installing and repairing gas pipes, and installing and updating central air systems.

Projects in Stephen J. Tant Plumbing’s portfolio include apartment building developments Downtown and the team has also assisted many homeowners and property managers in South Baltimore.

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