Domino Sugar Makes New Investments to its Locust Point Campus

| October 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

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The Domino® Sugar Baltimore Refinery continues to make improvements to its 30-acre campus in Locust Point. The latest projects include a new modular wetland system to clean stormwater, new paint for the walls of its Raw Sugar Shed, and four new sugar silos which will be constructed next year.

The refinery, owned by American Sugar Refining, Inc., a subsidiary of ASR Group International, Inc. (ASR Group), is helping to clean stormwater before it reaches the harbor with the installation of a new modular wetland system. The project, which was completed in June and which is located between the main truck lot and the harbor, treats stormwater and rainfall from impervious surfaces. Like buildings and parking lots, impervious surfaces do not allow rainwater to penetrate the ground meaning this water eventually finds its way into the harbor without first being filtered by the soil.

The stormwater treatment facility, which is essentially a self-contained wetland, allows Domino Sugar to meet state goals and help protect the harbor.

Here’s how it works: Stormwater that falls on the roof of the Syrup Station and into the parking lot flows to a smaller box below grade that contains a pump. The pump pushes the stormwater up into one end of the treatment box where gravity moves the water through the modular wetland system. Sediment and larger particles are removed and plants filter out more impurities like organics and nutrients. The stormwater, which is now filtered, flows out the opposite end of the box and through an outfall that leads to the harbor. The system has a storage volume of more than 20,000 gallons and treats a combined 5.4 acres of impervious surface at a rate of one inch of rainfall per hour. The modular wetland is just the latest eco-friendly project at the Domino Sugar Baltimore Refinery. For two years, Domino Sugar has been growing oysters on its dock to help filter the water of the Patapsco River. In 2017, it established a new half-acre of greenspace at the upper truck lot and along Key Hwy. East. In addition to planting bushes and more than 15 trees, Domino Sugar also installed a bio-filtration box on the hill to treat stormwater gathered from the one-acre truck lot above.

Another recent improvement was painting the Raw Sugar Shed a new sage color. As raw sugar is unloaded from vessels by cranes it runs through a series of conveyor belts and is weighed and stored in the shed, which can hold up to 92 million pounds of raw sugar, before being conveyed to the refinery for processing. More than 40 ships a year deliver 885,000 tons of raw sugar to the refinery.

Lastly, the four new sugar silos will allow Domino Sugar to store an additional 14 million pounds of sugar. The refinery produces more than six million pounds of sugar a day, however current finished sugar storage has a daily capacity of only 4.6 million pounds. The silos will hold finished or refined sugar before it is packaged or loaded onto bulk trucks and railcars.

“Adding capacity to our finished sugar storage will allow us to more reliably serve our customers by helping absorb swings in supply and demand,” said a Domino Sugar spokesperson.

The new silos will be located near the waterfront between bulk loading and the Syrup Station. Local construction firm Whitney Bailey Cox & Magnani, LLC will be the lead on the project. Domino Sugar hopes to start construction in January and expects it to take about a year to complete.

“This $21-million project represents a huge capital investment in the Baltimore Refinery and underscores the Company’s commitment to this facility and the City of Baltimore,” said Domino Sugar. “As the Baltimore Refinery approaches its centennial, we’re very pleased to be investing in the facility which provides so many quality good-paying jobs.”

Modular Wetland System

Raw Sugar Shed

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