Electrolyte-Enhanced Vodka ‘Lytos’ Launches in Baltimore

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A new electrolyte-enhanced vodka called Lytos launched this week in Baltimore. Lytos was started by South Baltimore resident Bill Fanshawe and former South Baltimore residents Nicholas DiSanti and Andrew Jones, who both now live in Canton. All three of the founders grew up in the Baltimore area and graduated from Towson University.

Lytos is distilled with a contract brewer in Florida, but the team hopes to eventually open a distillery in Baltimore. It is distributed by NorthStar Distribution in East Baltimore. The founders are currently running the company out of their apartments.

Lytos is now available in Anne Arundel County and Baltimore City. It is on the shelves in South Baltimore at S K Hanover Liquors, JP’s Liquors, Old Federal Hill Liquors, and Federal Hill Wine & Spirits. The MSRP is $22.99.

It is also behind the bar at Don’t Know Tavern, Wayward Smokehouse, and One Star Country Club.

Lytos is the first electrolyte-enhanced vodka on the market, according to the founders. DiSanti, Fanshawe, and Jones modeled it after other electrolyte-enhanced drinks like Pedialyte, Revitalyte, and Gatorade which are popular for rehydrating after drinking. Lytos is a domestically-sourced corn vodka with an electorate blend of potassium, sodium, and phosphorus.

“We are excited about the benefits it can have,” said Fanshawe.

The team also noted the electrolytes give the vodka a “very smooth” taste and said they are excited to bring a “cool product” to the market that is rooted in Baltimore.

Lytos currently just has a plain line of vodka, but the team will look to add different flavors of Lytos to the market in the coming years.

In 2013, DiSanti, Fanshawe, and Jones discussed their dream of starting a business together while at Towson University. Five years later they reconnected over a few drinks and came up with the idea for Lytos.

The name Lytos was picked as it’s the Greek origin of the word electrolyte. The team was looking at “about 1,000 different names,” but loved the name Lytos when a friend stumbled upon the connection.

Lytos will work with local bartenders to develop drinks with the vodka. Its website features a recipe for the Lytos Lagoon with Lytos vodka, blue curacao, simple syrup, a lemon garnish, a mint leaf, and club soda.

In the coming months, DiSanti, Fanshawe, and Jones will be making appearances around the Baltimore area at liquor stores and farmers markets offering tastings of Lytos.

Photos courtesy of Lytos

Bill Fanshawe, Andrew Jones, and Nicholas DiSanti at Don’t Know Tavern 

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