Drag Racing Takes Place Thursday Night on Key Highway

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On Thursday night a large crowd gathered at Key Hwy. and Lawrence St. for drag racing and car donuts in the middle of the street. Footage was captured by The Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton and pictures were taken by local residents.

South Baltimore Facebook groups were filled last night and this morning with people venting their frustration over the occurrence. Commenters reported the cars were also racing down Hanover St. and additional sections of the South Baltimore Peninsula.

SouthBMore.com has contacted the Baltimore Police Department for comment.

Councilman Eric Costello gave the following statement to SouthBMore.com:

In seven years in office, this is the second time I have seen this happen in the 11th District (it happened about five years ago in Upton). I personally find this behavior to be both reckless and stupid, and it is a miracle that a bystander was not injured or killed by an out of control vehicle.

Senate President Bill Ferguson met with BPD command staff yesterday and provided the following information as a result of his meeting which I hope you will find useful in responding to the concerns / questions that have been raised around this incident.

  • There have been similar incidents, but primarily in the Southeaster District (Dundalk Ave) and outside of the City.
  • There are roughly ten (10) different Car Club groups that operate in and around the Baltimore metropolitan region.
  • These are planned events, not entirely impromptu, but organizers are somewhat prepared and smart in picking meet-up locations.
  • BPD is actively working with counterparts in Baltimore County to head this issue off.
  • BPD stated that the incident that occurred on Thursday appears to be largely a product of the success that’s occurring from deployments in the Southeastern in coordination with Baltimore County Police, in short, the activity was displaced. Contributing to the delay in BPD’s response here was that this occurred at the same time as a shift change.
  • The Southern, Southeastern, and Central Districts have put together a concrete plan to share resources and intelligence.
  • The Central District’s Downtown Deployment is currently being supported by Maryland State Police and Baltimore City Schools Police.
  • Foxtrot (the Police helicopter) will be actively engaged when in the air re: any future instances of this.
  • BPD is monitoring Car Clubs that share where they are going online, even when it is short notice, which it virtually always is. This intelligence is being shared real time with other deployments / law enforcement partners as referenced above. BPD Citywide Intelligence will continue to actively monitor these social media accounts to try to get ahead of future gatherings.

In summary, I believe BPD understands the gravity of the perception of this incident and that it continues to feed a sense of lawlessness in our City. Even though there hasn’t been any violence related to these incidents, this is not being de-prioritized. BPD is taking a proactive and intentional approach to try to stop these incidents before they happen.

Photo courtesy of John Zimbrick

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