Klik Solutions Takes Over Key Highway Office Building

| October 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

Klik Solutions has taken over the approximately 4,000 sq. ft., one-story office building at 1000 Key Hwy. East in Locust Point. The building was recently the offices for Weller Development Company before it moved to Port Covington.

Klik relocated from a space that was approximately the same size at the 1100 Wicomico office building in Pigtown. This is the company’s fourth office since it was founded nine years ago. The other two offices were in Federal Hill.

Klik offers managed IT solutions, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity. It was founded by Neil Konstantoulas and Arthur Olshansky. The company was called Federal Hill Solutions until 2019.

The company has about 40 employees in Baltimore, and opened an office in Kiev, Ukraine in 2018. Olshansky grew up in Ukraine and praised the country for its focus on STEM education. Klik will use the office to support its American clients 24/7, as well as to grow its business in Europe.

Konstantoulas and Olshansky began using 1100 Key Hwy. East in recent months to film the Klik TV video series. The space was being temporarily used as office space by property owner Goodier Properties, and then Goodier asked if Klik wanted to take over the entire space. With the lease coming to an end in Pigtown and loving the waterfront atmosphere on Key Hwy., Konstantoulas and Olshansky decided to make the move to Locust Point.

The office building has Inner Harbor views as well as a parking lot; outdoor spaces on the water where grills and picnic tables will be added; and a pier, where Klik’s sailboat is now parked. Konstantoulas and Olshansky said it will be “a more exciting place to work” and they look forward to bringing in clients and hosting events.

Klik plans on adding a rowboat and pontoon boat to its property that can be used by its team.

A garage building behind Klik’s office is the home of Body in Rhythm Training and Capacity Fitness.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Klik will rotate employees between days in the office and virtual workdays. The new office has private offices as well as a large communal area where employees will rotate in. It also has a conference room and studio for Klik TV.

Konstantoulas and Olshansky said the new office setting has made more employees want to come into work. They are also excited to be steps away from some of their favorite South Baltimore restaurants including Southside Diner.

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