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It’s’s 10th birthday! I am so excited this idea for a local news site focused on South Baltimore has been successful and so embraced by the South Baltimore community and beyond.

When I launched, I was (and still am) a serial media entrepreneur. Because of some past failures with media ventures that included running high school sports websites and producing a high school sports television show, I didn’t come into this idea for a hyper-local news website covering South Baltimore with a ton of confidence. But, I kind of looked at it as one last attempt to create my own successful media outlet before everyone around me got tired of all my ideas and hours spent on passion projects (ha!)

I started as a curious resident who had so many questions (and not so many answers) about a vibrant neighborhood that was going through so much change. I wanted to find the answers and share them with the community. I knew that even as a one-man operation, I could provide more coverage about this community than it was typically getting. I quickly learned so many people in this community had the same craving for knowledge, as well as an incredible passion for South Baltimore.

In the first few months of launching so many of you reached out to me via email, social media, or in person to thank me for launching the website and providing South Baltimore coverage. I still have most of those emails saved and I can’t tell you what that validation meant to me. I wanted to keep working harder. Those interactions still happen on a weekly basis and, while it has become something I’m more used to, I never take it for granted. I thank all of you for your support and words of encouragement. had more than 560,000 visitors to our website in 2021. So while we have an incredible following in South Baltimore, I think its safe to say we have spotlighted this great community to so many others as well. And that makes me very happy.

We are a news site, so we will cover what is newsworthy – good or bad – in South Baltimore, but I’ve always wanted to make the commitment to work especially hard to spotlight the business owners, the investors, the developers, the professionals, the students, the community leaders, the volunteers, the events, the public spaces, and all the unique individuals and businesses that make South Baltimore a place I’m proud to call home. Baltimore is far from a perfect place, but there is a lot of great things going on here, and I hope we have done our part in promoting that.

There have been so many memorable stories over the past 10 years including the past failures and bright future of Port Covington, the redevelopment of Cross Street Market, the addition of a casino to the area and everything that goes along with that, continued real estate development, and the time Cam Newton dropped in on Baltimore Beach Volleyball, as well as the tragic loss of beloved individuals in our community.

I look forward to the next big stories and following up on many ongoing topics.

Please listen to our podcast where Nate Carper and I go into great depth about the first 10 years of and ideas for the future.

As far as the business model of, that is something still being figured out. It takes a lot of time and money to keep this site going and handle the amount of traffic we get. has been supported solely over the years by digital advertising from many great businesses, organizations, and professionals, but, as many other independent news outlets can attest to, it is a grind! Just like almost every other media publication and local news site, especially in Baltimore, has realized it can’t rely solely on advertising income alone and must have a reader revenue model to ensure stability, improve our content, and grow.

In lieu of making all or some sections of for paid subscribers only, we have elected to turn to Patreon for voluntary contributions so that everyone in South Baltimore will continue to be more informed on the news around them. To everyone who chooses to support on Patreon, we are so appreciative – THANK YOU!

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It’s been an incredible 10-year ride and I know that because of the great South Baltimore community we can celebrate 20 years in the future as well. I want to thank this community for making what it is today and helping me build something that has hopefully become a staple of South Baltimore.

Cheers to 10 years (…you should go to a South Baltimore business and actually do this :))!

Kevin Lynch

Founder and Publisher of

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