‘South Baltimore Strength Club’ Opens in Federal Hill

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Federal Hill resident Joshua Strassner opened strength gym South Baltimore Strength Club in April. The gym is in a two-story garage, which was previously used for storing roofing materials, in between the 1200 block of Wall St. and West St. in Federal Hill.

Strassner is a former strongman and current Highland Games competitor who moved to Federal Hill in 2013 from San Diego for a job in the defense sector.

“I noticed the neighborhood didn’t have an affordable strength gym to train at,” he said.

Strassner, who had been buying equipment and renting out garages in recent years alongside a friend, was excited when a garage near his house became available that was a fit for South Baltimore Strength Club.

The equipment at South Baltimore Strength Club includes EliteFTS and Rogue power racks; iron and bumper plates; barbells including TX and OH power bars, a TX deadlift bar, an SSB, axles, and a camber bar; and strongman implements including a yoke, farmers handles, kegs up to 300 pounds, sandbags up to 300 pounds, and atlas stones up to 400 pounds.

South Baltimore Strength Club costs a flat rate of $40 a month. It also offers a free first week for prospective members for them to determine if it is a good fit.

While some members are training for competitions, Strassner said he is also passing on lessons he’s learned to members who want to get “functionally strong.”

“Everyone is here to help each other out,” said Strassner. “We’ve got several dedicated folks who range from beginners to some pretty strong people, and we’re building a healthy community here.”

Strassner played football and baseball growing up in New Orleans, boxed while in the Army, and lifted weights while on deployments. While in his 30s in San Diego, he got into powerlifting and joined a powerlifting crew for one session before being told not to come back. Soon after he found a crew that accepted him and taught him the right way to powerlift. Strassner wants to make sure South Baltimore Strength Club is accepting of everyone who wants to powerlift and learn.

South Baltimore Strength Club currently has afternoon and evening weight lifting sessions. Strassner texts his member a list of lifts before each session starts.

Individuals can join the club by emailing Strassner at bmorestronger@gmail.com.

Photos courtesy of South Baltimore Strength Club

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