Man Shot and Killed After Altercation with “Squeegee Workers” at Inner Harbor

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Yesterday at approximately 4:38 pm, a 48-year-old man was shot and killed after an interaction with “squeegee workers” at the intersection of Light St. and Conway St. next to the Inner Harbor. This victim was identified this morning by Baltimore Police Department (BPD) as Baltimore resident Timothy Reynolds.

BPD Commissioner Michael Harrison said after “some type of interaction” with the squeegee workers, the victim drove his car through the intersection, parked it on the other side of Light St., exited his car with a baseball bat, walked towards the squeegee workers, and swung the bat at one or more of the squeegee workers. One of the squeegee workers then pulled out a gun and fired and struck the victim.

Commissioner Harrison said it is unknown if the victim made contact with any of the squeegee workers. It is also unknown if the person who fired the shot was swung at with the bat.

The squeegee workers fled the area after the incident.

The homicide was one of several reported incidents yesterday with squeegee workers. At 1:51 pm, an individual was arrested for pulling a pellet gun on a driver at the same intersection. A man called into WBAL Radio and said he was the driver who had a gun pulled on him. According to the man, a squeegee worker broke the windshield wiper on his car and he got out of his car to confront the individual.

Maryland State Delegate Antonio Hayes was also involved in an altercation with squeegee workers yesterday at the same intersection. He told Fox45 reporter Keith Daniels he is “fine” and released the following statement to Daniels:

“Discussing the details of the incident I was involved in today is a distraction from the tragedy that resulted in another death and act of violence in our city. As a elected leader, I am disappointed in our collective inability to address the despair that lead out young people to busy intersection washing windshields. This activity is dangerous; I am committed to work with all elected officials and community leaders to fully address this vexing problem.”

District 11 Councilman Eric Costello said in a statement yesterday:

“As I said during the public safety hearing yesterday, the level of violence in this city is simply unsustainable. Two lives were destroyed today and one person is dead because we have failed to adequately address the situation. As a government, we have failed everyone here by allowing these circumstances to continue to occur.

I again call on BPD leadership to endure enforcement of the laws already on the books that prohibit this illegal activity, immediately.”

Mayor Brandon M. Scott said in a statement yesterday:

“I want to be very clear – if you are on the streets of Baltimore and endanger the safety of other or turn to violence to solve your problems, we will hold you accountable.

Regardless of what caused this incident, it is a sad reminder that far too often early avoidable confrontation escalate into acts of violence.

Through enforcement and engagement, we continue to work with BPD and other partners to deter young people and adults from being involved in conduct that puts lives at risk.”

In a press conference today, Mayor Scott said, “Some would say that this is as simple as clearing the corners or rounding them up, or moving them along. It isn’t. That impacts the same very law enforcement activity that has had it and why many of those young kids are on those corners in the first place.”

Thursday’s homicide is the City’s 176th homicide of the year.

As crime is a key issue of the upcoming July 19th Democrat Primary Election for Baltimore State’s Attorney, below are reactions from the three candidates.

Incumbent Marilyn Mosby:

“I am completely dismayed at the heinous act of violence that occurred this afternoon. As this is an open and pending investigation, there are limits to what I can say, but I want to be unequivocally clear that today’s episode is completely unacceptable and should serve as a flashpoint for our entire city. There are too many guns on our streets and those who willingly turn to violence as a means of resolving conflicts will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

Candidate Ivan J. Bates:

“One of our supporters just witnessed the shooting at Light and Conway that involved an altercation between an individual with a bat and a squeegee worker with a gun.

My sincerest condolences to those affected. It pains me to have to repeat these words over and over, day after day.”

Candidate Thiru Vignarajah was live at the scene. In a Tweet he said it was “as tragic as it was inevitable.” From his Facebook Live:

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