Baltimore City DOT Fishes Scooters Out of Harbor, Sets Up Scooter Parking Zones

| October 20, 2022 | 0 Comments

Baltimore City Department of Transportation announcement: 

Scooters in our Harbor is something we don’t like.

Sadly, the dive team had disruptions during COVID (just like everywhere else), so this haul (photo by @isabel_cumming on Twitter) was overdue.

But we have been working on this problem in other ways as well.

We’ve been working hard with micromobility providers to deter this from happening.

One of the things we’ve done is set up geofenced No Parking Zones around the Harbor with the latest generation scooters & bikes.

This means that riders are not able to end their ride and park within these zones, keeping rideshare scooters and bikes away from the water.

You can see the map in detail here:

In addition to this, we’ve been also setting up parking zones specifically for scooters and bikes, to make sure our sidewalks are kept clear for people on wheels and on foot.

(Thanks to Dorret Oosterhoff for the last photo)

photo by @isabel_cumming on Twitter)

Photo by Dorret Oosterhoff 

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