Rat Poison Contamination in Hall Alley in Federal Hill South

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Pellet poison was recently found on Halley Alley in Federal Hill. Regarding this incident, Federal Hill South Neighborhood Association President Meg Murray posted the following, along with a letter, to Facebook detailing what happened and ongoing monitoring measures.

The Facebook post from Murray:

Hi neighbors —

You may be aware of the continued use of pellet poison on Hall Alley. Unfortunately, a neighbor’s dog likely ingested some poison and had to be rushed to Pet ER. The dog and owner are recovering from a very scary situation, but FHSNA is committed to stopping the individual responsible for spreading the poison. Ideally, this happens through education of both current regulations and the impact one person’s actions can have on a community.

A few neighbors are gathering today to go door-to-door and pass out the attached letter. We wanted to share it here, too. Please reach out if you have questions.

A letter from Murray and Federal Hill South Neighborhood Association:

December 21, 2022

Dear Riverside neighbor,

Multiple neighbors have reached out to Federal Hill South Neighborhood Association to alert us that rat poison pellets are being spread on Hall Alley behind the 1400 block of Riverside Avenue.

We’d like to make the individual responsible for the poison pellets aware that this type of rat poison is illegal. Pellet poisons were banned by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2022. The pellets can be easily consumed by small children and pets, making them an environmental hazard. This is especially problematic in an urban area where there are many people in close proximity.

We are asking the individual responsible for spreading the rat poison to stop immediately. We believe that this situation has been caused by an ongoing rodent problem and a lack of awareness of current regulations surrounding the use of poison. We do not believe that this is malicious, but we do need the poisoning to stop.

If you are struggling with rodent issues, please complete the following steps instead of using commercial poisons:

  1. Complete a 311 request for DPW’s Rat Rubout Program
  2. Contact the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association if your 311 request is delayed so that we can assist you
  3. Make sure that you are using City-provided trash and recycling bins

We will continue to monitor the situation on Hall Alley. If the poisoning continues, we will be forced to seek camera footage and forward video to the appropriate authorities including the Baltimore City Department of Health and the Department of Public Waste. Fines for spreading an illegal substance start at $500 and we’d really like to not resort to this option.

Should you have questions or require assistance, please contact the Federal Hill South Neighborhood Association at FederalHillSouthNA@gmail.com.

Thank you,
Meg Murray
Federal Hill South Neighborhood Association President

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