Photo Tour of the Baltimore Peninsula Development

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MaryAnne Gilmartin, founder and CEO of MAG Partners, gave a tour of the Baltimore Peninsula development last week.

Chapter 1B of the Baltimore Peninsula project is currently wrapping up construction on five buildings that will have 440,000 sq. ft. of office; 586,000 sq. ft. of residential from 537 total housing units which break down as 367 market-rate residential dwelling units, 89 affordable dwelling units (ADU), and 81 extended-stay units; 116,000 sq. ft. of retail; more than 1,000 parking spaces; and 10 acres of parks and public space.

Completed buildings include:

  • 250 Mission: 223,000 sq. ft. building (162 residential units, including 35 affordable units, and 40,000 sq. ft. retail)
  • 2455 House Street: 221,500 sq. ft. building (212,000 sq. ft. office and 9,500 sq. ft. retail)
  • Rye House: 293,000 sq. ft. building (254 residential units, including 54 affordable units, and 16,000 sq. ft. retail)
  • Rye Street Market: 273,000 sq. ft. building (228,000 sq. ft. office and 45,000 sq. ft. market)

Still under construction is:

  • ROOST: 133,000 sq. ft. building (40 residential units, 81 extended-stay units, and 6,000 sq. ft. retail)

Work on the infrastructure is still being completed. Mission Blvd. is now open and E. Crowell St., which transitions to Vision St., is expected to be completely reopened in the fall. There are also new north/south streets that will open soon including Rye St. that will open and connect Mission Blvd. and Vision St.

Work continues on Rye Park and Triangle Park (temporary name).

Vision St. (formerly part of E. Cromwell St.) and Rye Park 

Rye Park

Pad sites

Mission Blvd. (new street) 

2455 House Street


ROOST and Rye House

Rye House

250 Mission

250 Mission, Rye House, and Rye Street Market

Rye House and Rye Street Market

Rye Street (new street)

Triangle Park (temporary name)

Rye Street Market Complex


Chambers office

Unfinished office space

Amenity gym

250 Mission Apartment Building 

Rye House Apartment Building 

2455 House Street Office Building


Pad sites on the eastern portion of the development 

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