Great Plates of Late Around South Baltimore

| May 30, 2023 | 0 Comments

Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap at City Limits 

A Chicken Caesar wrap might not always be the most exciting thing to order, but it just hits the spot sometimes. And, the Caesar wrap with crispy chicken at City Limits in Locust Point is one of my favorites.

The super crispy chicken really adds a nice crunch and the wrap with its tasty Caesar salad is really filling. This is one of our go-to items there.

El Americano Tacos at EAT 

If you grew up in the 90s, you’ve likely had Old El Paso hard tacos with ground beef. The El Americano tacos at Eggrolls and Tacos (EAT) in Locust Point are a nod to this classic style, but this dish takes it to another level.

The ingredients are as you’d expect: hard shell tacos with ground beef, lettuce, and tomatoes. It also comes with some tasty salsas on the side. It was nostalgic and also really good.

Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza at The Last Penny 

Being a huge fan of pizza, I’ve heard about some Indian pizza restaurants around the country and I have been really wanting to try one.

The new food menu at The Last Penny in Locust Point, which is an Indian take on bar food, features chicken tikka masala pizza on naan. I was excited to try it and it did not disappoint.

The chicken tikka masala has tons of flavor and it sits just right on cheese and a tasty naan. I’m definitely a fan!

(Make sure to have a craft cocktail while you are there — they are great.)

Genovese Pizza at Diamondback 

Sticking with pizza, Diamondback in Locust Point has tasty Neapolitan pizzas and the Genovese pie was a standout during a recent visit with Bob’s Pizza Tour.

The Genovese has basil pesto sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, and red onion. The salty prosciutto and the punch of flavor from the pesto was a great combination.

We paired it with some tasty beers brewed in-house.

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