Former ‘The Baltimore Sun’ Building in Baltimore Peninsula Slated for Demolition

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The Baltimore Sun’s former 256,033 sq. ft. building in the Baltimore Peninsula development of Port Covington is being prepared for demolition.

Sagamore Ventures, which is part of the Baltimore Peninsula development team, purchased The Baltimore Sun’s 60-acre Sun Park in 2014. This area is part of the now nearly-completed Chapter 1B of the Baltimore Peninsula development.

While the Baltimore Peninsula development team developed some of the acquired land at the former Sun Park, The Baltimore Sun building still stands today. After considering temporary uses for the building, the development team has decided to begin demolishing the building in the coming months.

The Baltimore Sun vacated the building at the end 2022. It was the home of the newspaper’s printing press since 1988, and it became the newspaper’s headquarters in 2018.

MaryAnne Gilmartin, founder and CEO of MAG Partners, one of the development partners of the Baltimore Peninsula development team, told they canvassed the market to determine interest in the building. They found “a lot of interest was for storage for very low rental rates,” according to Gilmartin.

She added, “We think the land is much more valuable than the current building.” She also noted the large building is a visual deterrent looking from the highway down to the waterfront.

Portions of the former The Baltimore Sun building sit just feet from the new Mission Blvd. and the 250 Mission apartment building.

The Master Plan for the development shows an angled greenway park system running through where The Baltimore Sun’s former building sit. There are a number of new buildings surrounding it.

Screenshot from Google Maps. The former The Baltimore Sun building outlined 

Renderings courtesy of the Baltimore Peninsula development team

(Click to enlarge master plan renderings) photos


Sun Park photo from 2018

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