Local Breweries Collaborate to Create South Baltimore Brewery District

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South Baltimore Brewery District press release: 

Breweries Collaborate to Create South Baltimore Brewery District

Checkerspot Brewing Co., Pickett Brewing Company, Suspended Brewing Company, and Wico Street Beer Co. are joining forces to create a walkable craft beer district near the stadiums in South Baltimore and launching it with an inaugural event on October 28, 2023. Event-goers will enjoy craft beer releases, live music and celebrations as they walk between the four breweries.

“Neighborhood breweries are a crucial part of modern communities and serve as vibrant destinations for tourists and locals. Consumers and breweries benefit from strategic and cooperative efforts to attract visitors to experience craft beer clusters like the one burgeoning in South Baltimore. These businesses are responsible for hiring local personnel and contributing to the local economy, according to Jim Bauckman, Director of Communications for Grow and Fortify, which oversees the Brewers Association of Maryland.

Suspended Brewing Company opened 5 years ago on Pigtown Main Street. Pickett Brewing Company joined the neighborhood last year and will celebrate their first anniversary this weekend. Wico Street Beer Co. also opened in 2022 and they are planning their one-year celebration in November. When Checkerspot Brewing Co. moves to their new location on September 1, with a grand opening on September 16, the four breweries will all be within a mile of each other. They are excited to collaborate and celebrate their individual styles with craft beer drinkers starting with the day-long event in October. The breweries will begin to announce details of the inaugural event this month as they build excitement for a party in South Baltimore.

“Pigtown and the surrounding neighborhoods have embraced Pickett Brewing since we opened and we know the benefit of breweries being in close proximity. People like walking between breweries and experiencing the different beer styles and vibes of each. We’re fortunate to have a group of breweries dedicated to collaborating, neighborhoods that support us, and a common interest in letting people know about our little part of the city. We’re excited to launch this district in October and to continue to build on the momentum from the inaugural event,” says Kate Conway, owner of Pickett Brewing Company.

Wico Street Beer Co.

Pickett Brewing Company

Suspended Brewing Company 

Future Home of Checkerspot Brewing Company (photo courtesy of Checkerspot Brewing Company)

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