‘ONE Westport’ Development Resumes After Settlement with Proposed High-Speed Train MAGLEV

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The 43-acre ONE Westport development by Stonewall Capital is resuming after reaching a settlement with Baltimore Washington Rapid Rail LLC (BWRR), a company looking to bring a Superconducting Maglev (SCMAGLEV) to the Northeast. BWRR sought to condemn Stonewall Capital’s land for future SCMAGLEV tracks but, after the settlement, ONE Westport will continue as planned.

Stonewall Capital Owner Ray Jackson told SouthBMore.com in an email:

We have agreed to grant an easement to BWRR-Maglev that will allow them to continue with the planning of their project while allowing us to develop/build ONE Westport as planned and approved. This easement will not have any effect on ONE Westport. We will start on the development immediately as we finalize the permitting process. We are especially happy as we can continue with the planning and development of Westport Waterfront Community Park as agreed to with South Baltimore Gateway Partnership, Westport CEDC (community) and Baltimore City Rec and Parks. This is truly a mutually beneficial settlement agreement and we are excited to be finally getting this transformational project–ONE Westport started!!!!

“We are pleased that we reached a settlement that will allow the development of Westport and the SCMAGLEV project to move forward,” said Bill Scott, president and COO of BWRR, in a press release. “We look forward to continuing to engage with local, state and federal stakeholders to make this transformational project a reality. We would like to thank the communities of South Baltimore for their continued support.”

Stonewall Capital had hoped to begin construction on the project in 2022, but was delayed due to the lawsuit. ONE Westport was approved for subdivision in November 2021. Several development partners dropped out of the project due to the litigation. Jackson said they now hope to start construction in the first quarter of 2024.

In the first quarter of next year, Stonewall will begin construction on a relocation of Kloman St. and grading at Parcel B in preparation for 247 for-sale townhomes by Ryan Homes. Jackson expects townhome construction to begin in about a year.

Ryan Homes’ Parcel B site is 11.2 acres. Some of the new blocks will be directly on the shore of the Middle Branch and some will be facing the 14-acre Westport Waterfront Community Park.

Parcel A will be an affordable housing complex by Pax Edwards LLC. Jackson said it would be anywhere from 150 to 300 units depending on affordable housing tax credits.

Woodfield Development has pulled out of a proposal for for a 350-unit apartment building with 40,000 sq. ft. of retail at Parcel C. Jackson said they are speaking with a number of different multi-family developers.

Parcel D in the master plan is a four-story, 100,000 sq. ft. innovation and office building with retail. A 14-acre public park will be constructed between Parcel B and Parcel C.

Phase Two of ONE Westport includes Parcel E and Parcel F. Parcel E in the master plan is a five-story, 250-unit apartment building, and Parcel F is a five-story, 400-unit apartment building with possible retail.

After a couple years of delays, ONE Westport returns to market conditions with large increases in interests rates, inflation of building materials, supply chain issues, and labor shortages.

“The market conditions I have to deal with are not as good as two years ago,” said Jackson. “However, this property is still in a really good position for development and there is still a lot of interest.”

He noted that the planning process will reconvene and that the market conditions could be different when the parcels begin construction in the coming years.

Construction began last month at Locke Landing in Port Covington, located across the Middle Branch from ONE Westport. Locke Landing is bringing 287 for-sale townhomes and 92 for-sale condos, as well as 420 rental apartments. The project wasn’t announced until 2022, a couple years after ONE Westport was fist announced.

Jackson said, “I’m excited about all the development activity around. You feed off each other. These are different product mixes and Ryan Homes will be targeting a different buyer. They are complimentary projects.”

Westport and Port Covington will potentially be connected by a proposed walking bridge in the future.

Master Plan rendering for courtesy of Stonewall Capital and MRA (click to enlarge)

Renderings courtesy of Ryan Homes

Westport Waterfront Community Park preliminary renderings courtesy of James Corner Field Operations 

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