Founded in February 2012, SouthBMore.com is your source for all the latest South Baltimore news and events. SouthBMore.com covers real estate, business, dining, sports, technology, events, and more in Federal Hill, Locust Point, Pigtown, SoWeBo and all of the other great communities that make up South Baltimore.

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Kevin LynchFounder, Publisher 

Photo by John Strohsacker

Kevin is a 20-year veteran of the media industry with a resume that includes running websites, hosting radio shows, producing his own TV show, and other countless projects in the television and video fields. He owns his production company, Incept Multimedia and has freelanced with numerous national and local media companies.

In 2013, Kevin was selected as one of Baltimore Magazine’s 40 Under 40 for his involvement with SouthBMore.com.

Kevin has been a South Baltimore resident for most of the last 20 years. “I started SouthBMore.com because South Baltimore is one of the great communities in America and I wanted to create a news source for the residents, business owners, and visitors to this area.  I’ve engaged in hundreds of conversations with neighbors, fellow bar patrons and people at the park about rumblings in the neighborhood involving new and existing businesses, events, news, rumors, taxes and more. I wanted to bring that information and those conversations online, so everyone can be more informed.”

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Why I Love South Baltimore, by Kevin Lynch