Founded in February 2012, SouthBMore.com is your source for all the latest South Baltimore news and events. SouthBMore.com covers real estate, business, dining, sports, technology, events, and more in Federal Hill, Locust Point, Pigtown, SoWeBo and all of the other great communities that make up South Baltimore. SouthBMore.com was named a runner up in the Blog category of Baltimore Magazine’s 2014 and 2015 Best of Baltimore Readers’ Poll.

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Kevin LynchFounder, Publisher 

Kevin is a 15-year veteran of the media industry with a resume that includes running websites, hosting radio shows, producing his own TV show, and other countless projects in the television and video fields. He owns his production company, Incept Multimedia, in addition to freelancing with numerous national and local media companies.

In 2013, Kevin was selected as one of Baltimore Magazine’s 40 Under 40 for his involvement with SouthBMore.com.

Kevin has been a South Baltimore resident for most of the last 15 years. “I wanted to start SouthBMore.com because South Baltimore is one of the great communities in America and I wanted to create a voice, news source, and identity for both the residents of this area and our many visitors.  I’ve engaged in hundreds of conversations with neighbors, fellow bar patrons and people at the park about rumblings in the neighborhood involving new and existing businesses, events, news, rumors, taxes and more.  I wanted to bring that information and those conversations online, so everyone can be more informed.”

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[email protected], 410-533-2990

Why I Love South Baltimore, by Kevin Lynch


Christine Lynch: Editor

Christine works diligently as a public relations manager for an agency specializing in the education industry. With SouthBMore.com, she helps edit content while creatively working to gain visibility for the site. Christine is a resident of South Baltimore and a sports, wine and animal lover.




Hansel Lynch:  Dog Blog Editor

While Hansel has no formal education, he has a strong street sense from his many walks a day through the South Baltimore community.  Hansel’s dream job is being a dishwasher at a steak house or a greeter at Walmart, but for now he is working with SouthBMore.com to further his resume.

Kevin on Hansel:  “There is a really strong dog community in South Baltimore and Hansel’s nose is always to the ground to find out the latest and greatest in the world of canines.”


IMG_8704Charlie Lynch:  Cat’s Corner Editor 

Charlie was born on the tough streets of South Bethany Beach, but won his golden ticket when the opportunity to move to South Baltimore presented itself.  As Cat’s Corner editor, Charlie sees a prrrrrrfect opportunity to scratch the surface on all things kitty in Charm City.  Every newsroom needs a rivalry, and a good-natured, competitive relationship between Charlie and Hansel keeps them both at the top of their game.

Kevin on Charlie:  “Charlie has worked as a SouthBMore.com intern since our inception and now is rewarded for hanging in there with his promotion to Cat’s Corner editor.”