Rawlings-Blake Praises Bernstein for Increase in Sentences in Gun Prosecutions

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Mayor Rawlings-Blake Highlights Increase In Sentences In Illegal Gun Prosecutions

Mayor thanks State’s Attorney’s Office, U.S. Attorney’s Office, and GunStat partners for increased focus on gun offenders.

May 29, 2012

Today, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake released new data showing a significant increase in jail time for gun offenders in Baltimore and thanked local, state, and federal law enforcement partners, including the State’s Attorney’s Office, for increasing focus and accountability on city gun offenders and gun crime.

In 2011, sentencing for gun crimes increased across the board in Baltimore’s state courts, according to the new data compiled by Baltimore’s GunStat Initiative. For the first time, the average sentence for illegally wearing, carrying, or transporting a firearm reached 13 months—up from an average of 4 months over the past several years. In addition, the average sentence for felony gun offenders has doubled since 2009—from 32 months to 63 months. At the same time, federally-indicted gun cases increased by 16% since 2009. (See attached PDF)

In 2011, Baltimore also recorded the lowest number of homicides in over 30 years and the lowest number of shootings since the City began tracking them. Since 2009, homicides have decreased by 18% and shootings have decreased by 15%. There is also a significant decrease in gun related homicides and overall gun crime.

“Non-fatal shootings are down 16% from last year at this time and fighting gun violence continues to be our top priority. These results are a product of a smart enforcement strategy focused on violent offenders and illegal guns, strong partnerships with communities and state and federal criminal justice agencies, and strategic legislative advocacy,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake said. “I want to especially thank State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein and all the hard working prosecutors in the State’s Attorney’s Office for their increased focus on getting illegal guns, and criminals who use them, off the streets.”

At the same time that Baltimore City prosecutors are obtaining better outcomes, federally-indicted gun cases have also increased by 16% since 2009. “Working together, local and federal prosecutors are focusing their resources on violent repeat offenders and gun offenders,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake continued. “U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein has been a great partner with City law enforcement and is holding gun offenders accountable.”

Through GunStat, local, state, and federal law enforcement and prosecution agencies come together monthly to share information about felony gun cases and defendants. Before each meeting, agencies submit reports that include a wide range of data about each of the pending cases and provide information about current performance.

The purpose of GunStat is to ensure that felony gun cases and defendants are prioritized by all law enforcement, prosecution, and community supervision agencies and that all agencies involved are taking necessary steps to bring solid cases to trial. GunStat provides real-time information about felony gun cases as they progress through the criminal justice system. With GunStat, law enforcement, prosecution, and community supervision agencies are more accountable, and the City is able to provide real-time information about bail and sentencing determinations in these cases. Read More on Gun Prosecution

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