Friday Updates: Many Weekend Events Cancelled, BPD Prepared for Potential Friday Unrest

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From Councilman Eric Costello:

As you prepare for Friday; here are some additional updates, some remain the same as yesterday. I remain in constant contact with Emergency First Responders and have been at the City’s Emergency Operations Center most of day Thursday. I will continue to share new information as it becomes available. Please read the entire message, as some information has changed, and some remains static. 

Message from Baltimore Police Department – “BPD is expecting protest and demonstration activity Friday and Saturday. The BPD, like you, have been encouraged and inspired by Baltimore’s overwhelmingly positive response to the destruction that occurred on Monday and into early Tuesday morning. We would like to thank elected officials and community leaders for stepping up and taking a leadership role in promoting peace and rebuilding.  The majority of additional planned activity is expected to be peaceful.  However, there is credible information to suggest unrest on Friday evening, so we continue to be vigilant and prepared.”  

Status of Events This Weekend – Provided by Department of General Services late-Thursday, events taking place are subject to change.

·         Flowermart in Mount Vernon – To be rescheduled

·         Grow Baltimore State Center Festival – Tentatively rescheduled for May 15

·         Kinectic Sculpture Race – To be rescheduled

·         Fells Point Farmers Market – To be rescheduled

·         Waterfront Fiesta – Scheduled

·         Fiesta 5k – Event organizer cancelled

·         Hampden Farmers Market – No City resources required, will take place

·         South Baltimore Little League Parade – Cancelled, won’t take place till 2016

·         Federal Hill Hospitality Association Federal Hill Fiesta – Cancelled by organizer

·         Moveable Feast – Cancelled by organizer

·         AID Walk and Run Baltimore – Cancelled by organizer

·         Orioles – 3 game series (Fri – Sat) moved to Tampa Bay

Public Transportation and Mass Transit – MARC; Amtrak; MTA Metro Subway; MTA Buses; Light Rail; the Circulator; Harbor Connector; and Water Taxi all expect to operate on their normal schedules. With regard to MTA Metro Subway; the Mondawmin will continue to remain open; a determination on opening the Penn North and Upton stops has not yet been made, however there were discussions between local and state law enforcement and MTA yesterday afternoon regarding how soon this could occur. 

Traffic Updates –  Heavy traffic congestion is expected this afternoon in the downtown area, specifically at the Inner Harbor, downtown, and in the Mount Vernon areas along: North Ave, St. Paul Street, Lexington Street, and Holiday Street. 

Lane and Road Closures Expected (subject to change):

·         Fayette Street between President and Gay Streets

·         Baltimore Street between President and Gay Streets

·         Frederick Street between Lexington and Fayette Streets

·         the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and North Avenue

Status of Schools – At this time, City Public Schools and Catholic schools are scheduled to open with no delay. St. Ignatius Loyola Academy on E. Gittings Street is expected to dismiss at 1:00pm.

Curfew – The curfew WILL remain in effect through Monday. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has instituted a city-wide curfew that will go into effect today; starting at 10:00 pm. Details of the curfew are as follows:

·         The night-time curfew applies for all citizens (with exceptions of emergency personnel and those commuting to and from work for essential functions; including students traveling to/from classes).

·         Non-essential business operations should be suspended from 10:00 pm until 5:00 am. This includes restaurants; entertainment venues; and bars; which should be closed during these times. Visitors and patrons should plan enough travel time before the curfew begins.

·         For essential business operations; employees traveling to and from work during the curfew should have a valid picture ID (presumably a driver’s license) and a document from their employer stating their need to work during curfew hours with dates and employee hours.

·         Drivers or individuals may be stopped by law enforcement and should be prepared with the information above to avoid arrest. Violation of the curfew is a misdemeanor.

·         For minors (under the age of 18); an additional curfew prohibits them from being in a public place 24 hours a day except when accompanied by a parent or a guardian; or when necessary to travel to or from school; work; a religious activity; or adult-supervised recreational activity.

Many constituents have voiced their support or opposition to the curfew. I have responded to approximately 75 individuals (the vast majority being small business owners) over the past two days and want to provide an update on my efforts to address these concerns as well as clarification on my position. It is important to note that the curfew was enacted under extreme circumstances in order to restore peace and calm during this challenging time. What occurred on Saturday and Monday cannot happen again.

On Thursday morning, the Mayor told me that she would consider lifting or modifying the curfew and her team had been assessing it on a daily basis. However, after consultation with the Governor and all local and state law enforcement agencies currently on the ground in Baltimore, the Mayor determined that no changes to the curfew will occur, and it will stay in place thru Monday evening.

This event has been devastating to the City as a whole, and in particular to our small business community. This is an unprecedented time in Baltimore City and our Nation. We all want to return to a state of normalcy as soon as humanly possible. I realize that this response may be frustrating, but please know that I have advocated for your positions. 

Status of Recreation Centers – The City’s Recreation Centers will be open from 11:00am – 7:00pm.

Status of 911 / 311 Services – 911 services are operating normally. For 911 calls for service; it is important that callers remain on the line to report all emergency situations; and that they do NOT hang up; as this requires a call back from the 911 operator who could instead be responding to another call. 311 services have been extended and continue to operate 24 hours per day until further notice.

Status of Trash & Recycling Pick-up – At this time; DPW services such as trash and recycling pick-up and street sweeping are expected to occur as regularly scheduled.

Debris Removal – All requests for uncleared debris removal should be directed to 311.

Volunteering and Donating – In the wake of the recent painful event that occurred in Baltimore City, One Baltimore was established to assist residents in need. Through collaborative efforts, leaders and community organizations are teaming up together to strengthen neighborhoods and restore damaged businesses and homes. 

How Can One Volunteer? – Anyone can volunteer for the One Baltimore cause. Volunteers are needed across Baltimore City in areas that are most affected by the recent events. Volunteers make it possible to restore damaged areas, local stores, businesses, and some homes. You will be needed to assist with cleanup, the senior population and help out in the community.  If you would like to join forces with a citywide volunteer opportunity, please click here. If you have a clean up or beautification project that you would like to promote, please register it by clicking here. Calls can be made to 311 and 410-545-1511 to locate volunteer opportunities.

Who Can Donate to One Baltimore? – Anyone can donate to One Baltimore. All Baltimore City Community Action Partnership Centers serve as drop off locations for cleaning materials and supplies such as brooms, trash bags, gloves and water. For more information and center location, please call 311 or 410-545-1511. 

Health Services – Senior Centers and most City Health services are unaffected. The Druid Clinic located at 1515 W. North Avenue reopened on Thursday afternoon. The CVS pharmacy located at 1000 S. Charles Street is operating. Patients that receive medications from the CVS pharmacy located at Pennsylvania/North have been directed to CVS located at 101 N. Wolfe St., phone number (443) 602 -7268. 

Protests Which Occurred on Thursday – there were two major marches which occurred, both headed for City Hall. The first originated at Penn Station at approximately 4:45pm and the second at North Avenue and N. Charles Street at approximately 5:30pm. Each march occurred without major incident.

Liberal Leave for City Employees – A determination on whether or not optional liberal leave will be instituted on Friday has not yet been made.

Owners of Damaged Property in City Encouraged to Check Insurance Policies – The Maryland Insurance Administration provided the following message: “Property owners and business owners whose property was damaged in the recent violence in Baltimore City should contact their insurance agents or carriers to see if they are covered. Many policies, both for commercial and personal property, have provisions for civil unrest. In addition, comprehensive auto policies may cover damage from the violence. It’s important to note, however, that not all policies include this coverage. If you are unsure whether your policy covers this situation, check with your agent, broker, or insurance company. As the state’s insurance regulator, the MIA can: 1) answer questions about different types of insurance; 2) explain your rights and suggest ways to work out problems with your insurance company; or 3) investigate whether a company did what it said it would do in its contract with you and, if any laws or rules were broken, take action against the company. If you need assistance with a claim, call 410-468-2000 or 1-800-492-6116.

Constituent Services Not Related to the Recent Events – Please direct all of these to Betsy Ziegler from my office at [email protected] or 401-396-4816.


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