Q&A With Uber Baltimore

| February 4, 2013 | 3 Comments

As a popular transportation service used in cities nationwide, Uber recently launched in Baltimore. SouthBMore.com caught up with Dan Might from Uber Baltimore to learn about the newest way to get around Charm City.

Q: What is Uber?

Uber is everyone’s on-demand, private driver. We’re a technology company that partners with licensed sedan and SUV drivers to provide a safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation alternative in over 25 cities around the world.

To get a ride in minutes all you have to do is open the app, request a driver, and one will be sent directly to you.  We use lots of math and statistics make sure cars are always close by to minimize any wait time.

Q: Tell us a bit more about Uber’s history – How you got started? Where did you start? What cities are you in now?

Uber was born while Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, two of the founders, were in Paris for the Le Web conference. They wanted to simply press a button and get a ride whenever they needed one. Uber launched soon after in San Francisco in June of 2010. Since then, Uber has launched in 25 cities around the world. We are very excited to announce we are now in Baltimore!

Q: Why did you start your services in Baltimore?

Several reasons:

  • We saw huge pent up demand.  Many Baltimoreans use it in DC on weekends or during the week for work.  We watch the volume of people opening the app in cities we’re not in to gauge how much interest there already is.  Baltimore was one of the leaders.
  • Baltimore can use a transportation alternative that’s reliable, safe, timely, and cashless.
  • We match up well with Baltimore.  We do more than offer rides.  We like cities that have character, so we can do fun events with them.  Baltimore’s many neighborhoods offer opportunities to do events that get people thinking about what technology can do. For instance, in Park City we did “on-demand” hot chocolate during the Sundance Film Festival.  You could use your app to request hot chocolate and it would be delivered to you.
  • Baltimore’s residents are spread out across neighborhoods, so many areas don’t have frequent cab coverage.  Now anyone can have a ride in minutes.
  • Baltimore is re-inventing itself with tech investment.  We’re a tech company and work well in cities where people like to use technology to improve their lives.
  • Baltimore has passionate sports fans.  Sporting events provide a great incentive for people to take rides to and from stadiums.  The Ravens and Orioles draw large numbers of people year round.
  • The Weather.  Places that get hot and humid in the summer and cold in the winter drive people to find rides to and from places.

Q: Why is Uber the best way to get around Charm City?

  • It’s a safe, convenient, and reliable way to get around.
  • You can avoid having to find parking in places like Federal Hill

  • No cash needed.  No tips expected.  Your credit card is stored in the app.  You get in, get out, and get an e-receipt.

Q: How big is your team in Baltimore?

Dan Might, Associate General Manager, is starting the office. Dan grew up going to Orioles games with his family and came back in 2010 for a few years.  We’ll be growing our office with initial support coming from the Uber DC team.  Job postings are going up!

Q: How should an Uber customer in Baltimore get started using your services?

Customers can sign up for an account at www.uber.com or within our iPhone or Android application.  There’s not expectations or commitment.  Just pull out your phone when you need a ride and request a car.

For folks armed with a Blackberry, Windows mobile or other phones, they can easily sign up at m.uber.com.

Also, if you find a friend that already uses the service, they can provide you with their own custom promo code to get $10 off your first ride.

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