8 Plumbing Inspection Tips For Home Buyers

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Are you in the market for a new home?  Before you make that large investment, we suggest that you have the entire structure inspected, including the plumbing, before you close the deal.  Check out these simple home-buying plumbing tips prior to making that major purchase:

  • Get to know your main sewer line.
    • Find out what type of sewer system the house uses, whether waste goes to a municipal sewer system or if there is a septic tank installed. If the house uses a septic tank find out where it is located, the capacity of the tank, and the location of the drain field.
    • Set up a camera line inspection with Len The Plumber!  This quick procedure could save you from a flooding disaster and possibly $5,000-$50,000 worth of repairs and restoration.
    • Ask the seller about the plumbing history of the home and if any of the work is still under warranty.
  • Visually inspect the hot water heater—you should know the capacity, location, and how old it is.
    • Make sure the tank is large enough to accommodate the needs of your family—a 40 gallon tank should work for the average family of four.  If possible, check to see if there is a buildup of mineral deposits in the tank. Mineral deposits can settle on the tank’s bottom, leaving less room for water.
    • Verify the age of the water heater.  Most often, a serial number is located on the plate of the water heater, which should include the age of the system.  On average, a water heater can last anywhere from eight to 12 years.  If the water heater is old or you see obvious signs of corrosion, request that a new one be installed.
    • Visually inspect above and below the tank for any evidence of previous leaks/drips.
    • Consider installing a tankless water heater in the home to save money on your water bill.
  • Find those pesky leaks.
    • Make sure that the kitchen and bathroom faucets, as well as toilet and shower, are in working condition and free of noticeable leaks.  A dripping faucet may seem like a minor thing, but it can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.  To find out how much that leak could be costing you, use our leak calculator.
    • If the refrigerator has an ice maker, find the water supply line and inspect it for leaks and bulges.  Consider replacing a plastic supply line with copper.
  • Check all of the toilets in the home.
    • Flush each toilet in the home to ensure they empty and fill correctly.  Wait until the tank fills and listen for obvious sounds of leaking
    • Inspect the base of each toilet for evidence of prior leaks.
  • Basement flooding is all too common in Maryland; if the home has a sump pump look to see if a backup system has been installed.
    • Your first line of defense is your sump pump, but what happens when the power goes out and the system no longer works?  Be prepared with a backup system.
  • Avoid frozen pipes in the winter.
    • To reduce the risk of a pipe bursting in the home, check to see if the pipes and vents are wrapped.  This will help protect your pipes during the harsh winter months.  If the home uses well water the well should be protected from freezing weather as well.
  • Check for lead pipes.
    • Homes that were built prior to 1986 often have lead or galvanized plumbing.  Lead is an environmental hazard, so you may want to avoid a home that contains lead pipes.
  • Get your well system inspected by a professional.
    • Well water systems are one of Len The Plumber’s specialties.  Since well water systems can be complicated, we have licensed technicians that specialize in this type of service.

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