Looking Forward to Some Boh’s and the O’s

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Looking forward to some Boh’s and the O’s

By: Marco “the little Roman” Romanell

This is my first post on the site and you will quickly realize I am what people like to call a “homer” and I don’t hide that fact.  I love my city and all the teams in it, as well as the Terps, and truly believe Baltimore has the most passionate fan base of any city.

I know it has been a tough couple of weeks in the Baltimore sports community but it’s time for us to finally all put that Ravens loss behind us and start looking ahead to the Orioles, lacrosse and warm weather.

Here are some of my thoughts on the week in local sports and what is in the near future for local sports fans:

This week marked the official start of lacrosse season which will end in three months at that site that terrorized us a few weeks ago, Gillette Statdium.  Towson, Navy, UMBC, Loyola and Maryland all hope to be playing in New England come Memorial Day and it would be great for the city to have at least one of them playing in that final game of the season.  If my Towson Tigers (who are currently undefeated) don’t make it that far, you better believe I will be rooting hard for another one of the local teams.

Not only did this week mark the start of the lax season, it also meant that we became that much closer to Orioles baseball at the Yard and Opening Day at Pickles. Is there really anything better for local sports fan? I know the Orioles have caused more frustration than happiness over the last decade and half. And, at age twenty-eight, I can’t hide that fact that I have had spent the last half of my life rooting for a losing franchise. All that being said, I still can’t wait to be sitting in the Yard, enjoying a nice spring night and a few Natty Boh’s while screaming “O” during the National Anthem.

This week in Baltimore was supposed to have been a week-long party celebrating the Ravens Super Bowl victory. I understand the disappointment, especially with the lack of moves the Orioles have made this offseason, but the time has come to get past it.

We have a rich sports tradition, two great stadiums and two professional teams.  This week in local sports made me realize what we have to look forward in the local sports scene and how lucky we are to be sports fans in the greatest sports city in America.


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I have spent my entire 30 years living in Maryland and I love everything about this city. Despite the bad reputation the city has, Baltimore will always be a special place to me and I love living here. There is nothing better then Sunday afternoons at M&T Bank Stadium and summer nights at Camden Yards when the Yard is packed. You can find me all over the city so don't hesitate to share your opinion of me good or bad. Who knows, if you see me out maybe I will buy you a Natty Boh. Lets go Ravens and Lets go O's!!! Follow me on Twitter at @MRomanell.
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