A Message to Yankees and Red Sox Fans

| May 3, 2012 | 9 Comments

HEY YANKEES AND RED SOX FANS….. SHUT UP (From Yours Truly, Mr. Marco Romanell)

I have written previews, reactions, breakdowns as well as opinion pieces, but this is going to be different. This is going to be nothing but a big SHUT UP to all the Red Sox and Yankees fans out there, who go out of their way to hate on myself and other O’s fans who are excited about the O’s hot start.

Unless you were born in New York or New England, you have NO reason to be a fan of the either the Yankees or Red Sox, so any argument you make is not valid.  It is easy to root for teams who win and any Red Sox fan who is in their late 20s inevitably started liking them AFTER they won the World Series in ’04 and ’07.  By no means is a franchise that goes 86 years without a World Series one of the most elite franchises in baseball – I mean the Marlins have won as many championships as you have in the last 20 years! And if you want to go through the last 50 years, the number of titles goes Orioles three and Red Sox two. However, no O’s fan brings that up. Why not? Because it’s not about what you did years ago.  I have never heard so much complaining and crying in my life about Orioles fans talking trash about the Red Sox struggles this year, when you guys are the first to run your mouths when the Red Sox win. Now if you were born, grew up or have lived in New England and suffered through the Red Sox agony for years than you can talk to me. For the rest of you, which team are you going to like after the Sox miss the playoffs for the second straight year?

Now onto the Yankees fans, it’s hard to argue your track record, but every game you lose I don’t need to hear how many World Series you won. Throughout the 80s and early to mid-90s you were one of the worst franchises in baseball – most of your titles came before those decades. If you were alive to see any of those than fair enough, congrats. If not and you were born in 1983 like me and not from New York, it’s pretty safe to assume that you started liking them when you were about 13, right around the time they won the World Series. Now most of the Yankees fans I know are from New York or New Jersey and therefore root for their home team. Again, I have no problem with that. Say whatever you want when they win, post whatever on Facebook, but please do not start acting like babies and tell me that you have won 27 World Series when I simply get excited when the O’s take of 2 of 3 in the Bronx.

I was two months old when the Orioles last won the World Series and I have supported them every day of my life, win or lose. I have suffered through being the laughing stock of baseball for the last half of my life and have listened to national radio and TV hosts make the O’s the punch line of every joke.  Was I going back and telling the Red Sox we had three World Series in the 86 years since they won? No, I took it because I couldn’t say anything. If you win, go ahead and gloat. The Orioles are off to a great start and I am not going to bite my tongue just because it makes a few Red Sox or Yankees “fans” mad.

This isn’t 1960 or 2004, it’s 2012 and currently the Yankees and Red Sox are 4th and 5th place respectively. If that changes, I won’t say any word if “true” fans of either team were to talk trash about the O’s every day.

My heart is behind my team. They represent my city, so I am allowed to get excited!

So my final message to all you Yankees and Red Sox babies…SHUT UP… LET’S GO O’S!!!


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