South Baltimore Liquor License Updates

| May 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

Pazza Luna to Become Cardinal Tavern

Pazza Luna at 1401 East Clement St. in Locust Point was once one of the great destination restaurants in South Baltimore, but it appears that the Italian restaurant will be no more.  Pazza Luna went through several owners since its inception and really lost its allure over the last five years.  Pazza Luna joins the list of restaurants that couldn’t maintain their reputation after being sold by the original owners.  They join Corks and Bicycle as well known restaurants that did not last under their final owner.

Here is the Liquor License Transfer Notice for May 17th:

Patrick M. Hudson, The Cardinal, LLC T/a The Cardinal Tavern, 1401 E. Clement Street – Class “B” Beer, Wine & Liquor license – Application to transfer ownership where licensed premises has been closed for more than 90 days

As someone who worked in the restaurant industry for a long time, I know there is large risk in buying an existing restaurant.  Typically the owner is the reason a restaurant is so successful, as running a great restaurant is truly an unique skill.  Another huge problem is that typically the subsequent owner’s overhead is much higher than the overhead of the original owner as these restaurants are often sold for much higher than they were originally purchased for.

Now that Pazza Luna has moved along, we look forward to checking out The Cardinal Tavern and wish Patrick Hudson and his staff the best of luck.

Bicycle/Centro Liquor License Transfer

Speaking of the Bicycle, the longtime South Baltimore restaurant that also lost its allure with subsequent owners is now set to become a new restaurant after a couple years as Centro.  It appears there is not a definitive name yet for the restaurant, but the sign on the door does say Iberico, which is a delicious Spanish ham.  Hopefully this is another restaurant location that regains its past glories.

Here is the Liquor License Transfer Notice for May 17th:

Germania C. Benalcazar & Kevin Perry, Iberico, LLC, No trade name given, 1444 Light Street – Class “D” Beer & Wine License – Application to transfer ownership where licensed premises has been closed for more than 90 days, application includes a request for off-premises catering

Cafe Calypso Unable to Sell Alcohol 
Cafe Calypso on Washington Blvd. in Pigtown is currently having an issue with their liquor license. Though the cafe remains open,  since May 1st they have been unable to sell alcohol as ordered by the Baltimore City Liquor Board.  Speaking with the restaurant, they told me it was an internal issue that they are looking to get resolved but it is not the result of any violations.  Let’s hope they get this issue resolved as Pigtown needs more good restaurants – not less.

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