Orioles “Fat Lady” Hasn’t Even Begun to Warm Up

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A study was done last year by a national publication (don’t remember which one) and in that study Baltimore was voted as one of the top cities for obesity in the country, which isn’t exactly something a city wants to be known for – but hey, we might as well be tops in something! Despite this ‘finding,’ the Orioles have yet to hear their “fat lady” sing and, in fact, they refuse to even let the fat lady warm up.

Left for dead after losing  their first two games against the Twins last week, leaving them a season low two games over .500, many fans thought that was the end of the O’s season. The O’s responded though by rattling off five straight wins, silencing everyone who was saying that their season was over. After the five game win streak the O’s returned to Charm City for important series against wild card contenders. After giving up a ton of runs and blowing a 9th inning lead in one of the games en route to a 2-4 home stand it again looked like there would be some singing coming out of Baltimore, albeit a lot later than many had expected.

The trade deadline approached as the Orioles headed to the Bronx for an important series against the Yankees and many again thought the next few days would define the Orioles season. After holding onto a one run win in the first game of the series, many fans wanted the Orioles to show they were “in it to win it” and make a splash at the trade deadline. However, the 4pm deadline passed and the Orioles made no moves leaving them with their current 25- and 40-man rosters. The lack of moves disappointed a lot of fans and then the Orioles came out and allowed five runs in the first inning leaving a lot of doubt if they could contend. However, with a Chris Davis grand slam and a total of eleven runs, the Orioles suddenly were heading to game three in the Bronx with a chance to sweep the Yankees.

Many times this season fans and media have left the Orioles for dead and the proverbial “fat lady” seemed like she would be singing sooner rather than later, but these aren’t the same old Orioles. They just keep proving people wrong.

It is now August and the Ravens first preseason game is around the corner but there is also meaningful baseball being played, something that should make every Baltimore resident happy.

Hopefully for the Orioles the “fat lady” will be attending the game and cheering them on rather than singing.

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